The Alworth Family - Hiring in Pleasant Grove
The Alworth Family - Hiring in Pleasant Grove

The Alworth Family

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4 yr old girl
2 yr old girl
We have two very sweet playful girls. R is an independent player and loves anything creative. J copies everything her older sister does and just wants to be included. Mom is going back to work this year as a part time teacher and we will need help 2 days a week in our home. One of the days will be both girls and the other will just be the younger. These girls love babysitters and are way better for babysitters than they ever are for us 😉. I want to have a nanny because I want to create some consistency for my girls while I’m away from home and I want someone they can trust, love, and learn from. I don’t want them plugged into an electronic device or TV, I want someone to interact and be present with them. My husband and I both speak English and Spanish, so we’d love to have someone who can speak either or both. We live right by a park and have easy access to fun things to do. We do have a dog that lives mostly outside, but will occasionally need checking on.