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start: Aug 21, 2019
4 yr old girl
2 yr old girl
Light housekeeping
Driver’s License
J is a happy and playful 2.5 year old. I am going back to work part time this year and have one day a week that we need help with our youngest daughter (the older will be in preschool). She loves babysitters and is way better for babysitters than she ever is for us 😉. I want to have a nanny because I want to create some consistency for her while I’m away from home and I want someone she can trust, love, and learn from. I don’t want her plugged into an electronic device or TV, I want someone to interact and be present. She loves to play! She’s fully potty trained and usually still naps in the afternoon. I need someone from around 8:15-2:30 on Wednesdays.