The Brown Family - Hiring in Katy
The Brown Family - Hiring in Katy

The Brown Family

3 year old boy
4 year old boy
5 year old girl
A little bit about us…Hello! I’m a mom of 3. Hardworking nurse. I honestly need weekend care at 4-5hr/day (Saturday and Sunday) on the weekends for me and my fiancé’s overlapping weekend schedules. The schedule is definitely set every weekend. All three rugrats are used to bed time at 8p and are super pleasant to be around. All are potty trained and the youngest is about 75% potty trained. We have a pet. Her name is Nia and she’s a bearded dragon that’ll stay in the glass cage. If you’re comfortable with her, even better! I want you to feel at home with us. My work hours will have you watching the kids both nights (Saturday and Sunday) and of course date nights if you’d be available for extra pay. My house is yours when you’re here.
Looking For
Start: TBD
Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages

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The Nguyen Family - Hiring in Katy
The Nguyen Family
Grand Lakes, Katy$18/hr  |  2 kids
We're looking for an amazing full-time nanny. Our selection criteria are as follows: 1) The nanny must be fully VACCINATED and willing to WEAR A MASK at all times 2) The nanny must be able to keep our kids safe. SAFETY is our number one priority 3) The nanny should treat our kids with dignity and respect, and expect to be treated the same way 4) The nanny should pay attention to parents' instructions 5) The nanny should be HONEST and RESPONSIBLE 6) Experiences with childhood education or musical instruments is a big plus. We are a family of two lovely kids (5 years old and 7 months old), two remotely working parents (a physician and a university professor), and an elderly. We live in Grand Lakes, Katy. Our family values honesty, optimism, kindness, and open communication. The salary is negotiable. A typical day of the nanny looks like the following:
(8 am) arriving at our house, following hygienic protocols before entering the house
(8 - 9 am) putting baby milk bottles to cleaning and sterilizing machines, feeding the infant, supervising the older kid's morning hygiene routine. (9 - 11 am) sending the infant to sleep, then do activities with the older kid (reading, writing, painting, role-playing, baking, supervising piano lessons, playing chess/checker, etc.)
(11 am - 12 pm) helping the older kid get lunch, pureeing food to feed the infant. The parents will prepare food.
(12 - 12:30 pm) taking a lunch break
(12:30 - 2 pm) sending the infant to sleep, laundry, and light cleaning up. The older kid will do independent activities (watching movies, reading books, or playing video games) during this time.
(2 - 4 pm) feed the infant, do some fun activities with both kids.