The Brown Family - Hiring in Houston
The Brown Family - Hiring in Houston

The Brown Family

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6 - 11 mth old boy
6 - 11 mth old girl
My husband and I are looking for a full-time nanny to help me in our home (in the Copperfield area of NW Houston) with our 6-month-old twin babies while my husband is at work. We think we'd like someone to work from 7 a.m. to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. I would be home most of the time during your shifts, with the exception of when I am running a quick errand or taking an exercise class. Mainly, I’m looking for an extra set of hands around the house so that both of our babies are given as much individual attention and affection as they each deserve, and so that I’m able to take some time each day to shower, pump breastmilk, eat lunch, do housework, and rest. The right candidate for the job will have a very calm, gentle, nurturing presence, and not be overstimulating to our babies.

The parenting style we most closely align with is called RIE parenting. No knowledge of RIE parenting is necessary in advance of the job, we just ask that applicants be open-minded and willing to read about it (and possibly follow Janet Lansbury’s blog or Facebook page) in order to familiarize yourself with that unique approach to interacting with and respecting young children. It’s important to us that whoever we select to be our children’s nanny not be too ‘set in her ways’ to learn about and adapt to our parenting style. RIE is somewhat unconventional and doesn’t come naturally to most people at first (including us!), but we believe it has a lot of value.

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