The Pomi Family - Hiring in San Francisco
The Pomi Family - Hiring in San Francisco

The Pomi Family

0 - 5 mth old boy
My name is Giovanna, I live in Russian Hill with my husband Federico and our baby boy Leonardo, who is now 3 months old.

We are Italian, though I'm from Mexican descent and I speak Spanish fluently.

I will be returning to work in December, so I'm looking for a nanny to take care of Leo while I'm at work (Mon-Fri, 9-5).

Leo is a very sweet boy, he sleeps well (3-4 naps a day) and loves to play, chat and stroll around.

I am looking for a caring and professional nanny to spend the day with Leo and nurture him.

The duties would include: interacting and playing with Leo while he's awake, both at home and outside (e.g. take him to the park), helping with some light housework while he naps (e.g. making the bed, preparing baby food, doing baby laundry, keeping nursery in order, etc, we have a house cleaner once a week so no major housework is required..I want our nanny to focus on the baby!), taking him to doctors appointments as needed.

Requirements: CPR training, references from previous families, Spanish speaking is a plus

I look forward to meeting a great nanny for our family!


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