The Fairholm Family - Hiring in New York
The Fairholm Family - Hiring in New York

The Fairholm Family

6 - 11 month old girl
A little bit about us…I am looking for a nanny share situation, for my 5 month old, starting in Feb 2022 (she will be 7 months at that point). I am first looking for a family within reasonable walking distance to share a nanny with, either fully at one of the two houses or moving back & forth on a weekly basis. My ideal nanny-share family would practice gentle child-rearing, full of love and laughter, lots of creativity, and good dose of humour at every day life foibles and wonders. We would be around each others' children and care for them, lend a helping hand when needed, apply a liberal dose of flexibility, and lots of communication; if the stars are aligned, we would become fast family-ish friends. Second, we would work together to find a nanny who was able to meet the needs of our children and our families. My baby is a happy child, very social, engaged with those around her, absolutely loves being outside, and can amuse herself for all about 10 mins. She is a delight to be around. A nanny for our families would truly love our children, meet their energy levels, thrive on creativity and fun, protect them from anything damaging (this includes Covid), and love them to bits. Estoy recien llegada a NY, pase los ultimos 13 anyos en America Latina, y mi preferencia seria una nanny espanol hablante - pero soy flexible. The nanny would be comfortable with WFH; I WFH from [phone number hidden]
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days/week, and into the office 1x/week (a bit longer day). If you are the family out there, I would very much be interested in hearing from you.
Looking For
Start: Feb 7, 2022
Weekdays 8:00AM – 5:30PM
Nanny share
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep

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