The Hijazi Family - Hiring in New York
The Hijazi Family - Hiring in New York

The Hijazi Family

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5 yr old boy
Hello. My name is Zeinab, I am a mental health professional and clinical psychologist, and have been working with the United Nations for over a decade in humanitarian settings all over the world. My new assignment with UNICEF is taking me to New York City, based at the UN headquarters located in Midtown East, Manhattan. As a single mom, I begin my transition, alone with my son Adam (who just turned 5 on Feb 22, 2018) in May 2018. He has been attending a pre-K program in Los Angeles, and I am extremely interested in registering Adam in a Summer program until I am able to place him in Kindergarten in the Fall. Finding a full day Summer program has proven difficult, and full day pre-school options are quite expensive. As such, I am hoping to find a full time nanny.

In addition, my work will at times require me to travel, and was thus also hope to find part time Live-in care for periods when I need to leave Adam for short periods.

A little bit about Adam. Adam is smart, sweet, and social. He is enthusiastic, (very active) and quick to grasp new concepts and apply them to "real life." Adam has an understanding of how words are formed. He can write his name, trace letters and numbers legibly. Also, Adam is an outgoing child, with many friends. He is pleasant to be around and quite polite and mature, especially for a 5-year-old. He follows class rules and is respectful of his peers.

I have been a single mom since Adam was 7months old. He was a preemie, and we struggled alot with health issues in his early years. He is now healthy (with no medical issues at all), and is my world. He is my life. And finding fulltime care for him until he starts Kindergarten in the Fall is truly the thing that consumes my mind most with this move to NYC.