The Juskowiak Family

start: Jul 9, 2019
2 yr old girl
0 - 5 mth old girl
Meal prep
Light housekeeping
Driver’s License
Has car
Dad travels during the week, so we're looking for some help for Mom in the evenings to get the girls fed and down for bed (T-Th, 5 - 8). Our two girls, Nyla and Colette (Coco) are amazing and vivacious little ones who will certainly wiggle their way into your heart. The specific tasks for this role are: occasional daycare or activity pickup, playing with the girls in the evening, feeding one of the girls dinner, and prepping one of the girls for bed (bath, teeth, etc). As they age, these things might change.

As a note, we do have two dogs (Beau and Mason) that will be around. No responsibilities for them, but if you're looking for a walking companion, you've got a couple of volunteers!