The Padilla Family

2 year old girl
A little bit about us…I had a wonderful nanny, my actual pay is 10/hour. My daughter is really easy to take care of , she doesn't fuss and she is easily entertained. She always made sure our house was nice and tidy when we got home. Of course our daughters needs always comes first and in downtime if she had the opportunity she would clean. I need someone flexible and that is able to come to our home.
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Start: Dec 10, 2020
Nanny share
Light housekeeping
Meal prep

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The Feldman Family
Los Angeles$15/hr  |  1 kid
We need someone to care for our sweet and super smart 13 month old! Looking for a mother’s helper type person as well who is up for helping me with some meal prep and light cleaning when I am around to play/feed/comfort her. Otherwise when I am gone, I’d love someone who can play with her, give her naps, prep food, clean up her areas, and treat her with respect :) We use montessori and RIE-based methods with her!
We also use some sign language and would love for her to learn another language like Spanish!

Anywhere from 5-8 hours 2-4x per week
Starting anywhere from 8a-10a

I’d love help with prepping her food (we follow an infant nutrition program), engaging her in play and learning activities (love Montessori and RIE, we use sign language too with her), encouraging independent play, organizing/cleaning up her things, naps, etc

I might be home but in another room to get some work done, take a nap, eat in peace (lol) or go for a walk or run an errand but she is still breastfed (I can put some in bottles too and see how much she drinks with you!) and we rock/hold her for naps so not sure if you ever babywore or have experience with it.. or want to help support me in transferring her and coaching her to sleep in her crib 😇 no CIO

It would be awesome if some days when you get here in the morning (possibly a little early like 6-7) you could help us by making breakfast! Like oatmeal or eggs or something vegan/Dairy free (I can’t have dairy for her) healthy and delicious that you come up with! And possibly help prep dinner or something before you leave (if I am nursing her or give her a nap and you’re here).