The Stolar Family - Hiring in New York
The Stolar Family - Hiring in New York

The Stolar Family

6 - 11 month old girl
A little bit about us…Hi! We are the Stolar family in Inwood. We are both fully vaccinated, and keep strict COVID precautions. We are looking for childcare for our daughter, who turns one in July. She is a very happy baby who doesn't like to sleep, likes to be upside down, and adores being worn or carried.

As she is learning to eat we do a mix of baby led weaning and purees. If you are not comfortable with baby led weaning, we are fine just feeding her purees or simple finger foods for lunch and snacks.

I work in midtown, and my husband works for the MTA (please don't blame him if your subway train is late). We are currently both working from home. I will be working from home through August and potentially longer. My husband may return to the office before then. I would be responsible for the morning drop off, and my husband would be responsible for the evening pick up. Our start date is very flexible, and we are in no rush. Our ideal hours would be 9 AM-5 PM but we are fortunate to have a little flexibility.

We have no dietary restrictions, and no special needs. We have 2 cats that live in our apartment, 1 that is a gigantic coward and 1 that is very friendly. No pet care would be required, but they may demand chin scritches, and their hair coats all our clothing.
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Start: Jul 6, 2021
Weekdays 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Nanny share
First Aid
Fluent Languages