The Vogel Family - Hiring in Chicago
The Vogel Family - Hiring in Chicago

The Vogel Family

start: TBD
0 - 5 mth old child
We are seeking a nearby family to join a nanny share beginning in early January for our first child (boy born 10/6). We're happy to host every day or share the hosting duties, ideally in the area close to Greenview and Irving Park (right near the intersection of Lakeview, North Center and Ravenswood on the NE border of Southport Corridor). We don't have a nanny yet, but we'd like to find a family and then start the search together to find someone who fits both our families.

We have fairly flexible work schedules, so hoping for only 4-days a week, Monday-Thursday, 10-11 hours a day, but we're flexible on the specific times and can figure out what works best for all of us. Please reach out if you're a family that might be interested and we can connect over email.