The Wagner Family - Hiring in Charleston
The Wagner Family - Hiring in Charleston

The Wagner Family

start: TBD
0 - 5 mth old boy
I am looking to do a nanny share with someone. Right now, it's just little Brodie and me. My fiancé is from Nicaragua and we are still waiting on his visa to come through. We were planning on having my father look after him when I returned to work, but he sadly passed unexpectadely 2 weeks before he was born. I have family helping me until November 3rd, but would need help starting the 6th ideally. I work and live downtown, so it would be ideal if I could find a nanny downtown! I know $800 a month ($200/week) is not much, but it is the most I could afford right now. Brodie is the sweetest (I'm sure every mom says that, but it's true!) He is very "chill" as my friends and family say. He likes to go on walks, which puts him right to sleep. Otherwise, he likes to hang in his boppy, sleep and eat! I pump while I'm at work so I have bottles ready for him everyday before I leave. I would be fine with having the "nanny share" at my house or I could bring him somewhere. I also have a car our nanny could use while I work. If anyone is interested please let me know as soon as you can!