The Wintermantel Family

1 year old girl
A little bit about us…Hi! We are seeking a family who lives in or around Cheviot Hills to join our full-time nanny share. The hours are a bit flexible but currently our nanny works from 8:30 AM-5:30 PM M-F. Our daughter is 1.5 years old and we are hoping to find a family with a child around her age. We are currently in a successful nanny share, but the other family is expecting a second child due in April, so they have decided not to continue with the share.

We already have a wonderful nanny with pediatric nursing experience who is gentle and loving with our daughter. She is able to prepare toddler meals with fresh ingredients and is very easy to work with. She takes the girls on outings to the park, library, music classes, or children's museum every day.

Please contact me if this nanny share might be a good fit for your family, and we can further discuss the details.
Looking For
Start: Apr 15, 2020
Weekdays 8:30AM - 5:30PM
Nanny share
Driver’s License
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep

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