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Image of a nanny with a baby on her neck

Find a nanny share near you in San Diego, CA

How often do you need a nanny share?

Find a nanny share near you in San Diego, CA

Image of a nanny with a baby on her neck

How often do you need a nanny share?

Find a nanny share in San Diego, CA

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How often do you need a nanny?

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What is a nanny share?

A nanny share is a childcare arrangement where two or more families hire a single nanny to care for their children. The nanny's time and attention are divided between the families, and the cost is shared. This approach allows families to access high-quality, personalized care at a lower cost than hiring a private nanny. It also provides social interaction for the children, similar to a daycare environment, but in a more intimate setting.

How does a nanny share work?

In a nanny share, families coordinate their schedules, the location of care (which could rotate between the families' homes), and the division of the nanny's time. The details are generally flexible and can be adjusted based on the needs and preferences of the involved families and the nanny. For instance, each family might need care on different days or times, or one family might need more hours than the other. It's important that all parties communicate openly and honestly about their needs, and that these discussions lead to a fair cost-splitting arrangement. You can find more specifics about how to split nanny share costs.

What are the benefits of a nanny share?

There are several benefits of a nanny share. For families, it's often more affordable than hiring a private nanny, and it allows your child to receive personalized care and engage in social interaction. For nannies, it's an opportunity to earn a higher wage than they might with a single family, as each family typically contributes a portion of the nanny’s standard rate, resulting in a higher overall wage.

How do I interview families and nannies for a nanny share?

When interviewing families for a nanny share, it's important to ensure that your parenting styles, values, and logistical needs align. Discuss key topics such as discipline, nutrition, screen time, nap routines, and illness policies. Here are some essential questions to ask a family in a nanny share.

When interviewing nannies, ask about their experience with nanny shares and how they manage caring for multiple children from different families. You'll also want to understand their communication style, approach to child development, and comfort level with the logistics of a nanny share. Be sure to review their responsibilities.

What should be included in a nanny share contract?

A nanny share contract should detail the terms of the nanny share arrangement. It should include information like the schedule, location of care, division of time, wages and payment method, overtime policy, holiday and vacation policies, job responsibilities, and terms for termination or changing the agreement.

How does payroll work for a nanny share?

Payroll for a nanny share can be managed by each family individually or jointly. Each family generally pays their share of the nanny's wage, factoring in the agreed-upon split of time and resources. It's important to keep in mind that nannies are considered household employees, so families are responsible for withholding and paying Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes. You can check out more detailed information on nanny share payroll.

What should I know about background checks for nannies?

Background checks are a critical part of the hiring process, providing valuable information about a nanny's history. Nanny Lane recommends that families conduct a comprehensive background check that includes a social security number trace, a national criminal search, a county criminal search, and a sex offender registry search. For more in-depth information about the importance and process of nanny background checks, refer to this detailed guide on background checks.

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