Benefits of Hiring a Babysitter

Benefits of Hiring a Babysitter

You have one precious child, nine months old. You've contemplated hiring a babysitter so that you can return to work part-time or so that you and your spouse can have the occasional date night. What does a babysitter have to offer your family?

1 - Peace of Mind:

A well chosen babysitter facilitates the peace of mind of knowing that your child is being well cared for while you return to work part-time to keep your professional skills current. After all, you want to return to work full-time when your child reaches school age, and you need to keep your skills current and marketable.

2 - Ability to Foster Relationship with Spouse:

A well chosen babysitter facilitates your ability to foster your relationship with your spouse. Many new parents find it challenging, at least initially, to nurture their relationship as friends and lovers because they are consumed with the tasks and responsibilities of being parents.

However, parents need to balance their roles as parents to their child and friends/lovers to each other. Periodic date nights and conversations that don't focus exclusively on child rearing are essential for keeping the friend/lover relationship alive.

3 - Flexibility:

A well chosen babysitter facilitates the flexibility to attend to life issues that may not be nine-month-old appropriate. Do you need to go to the doctor for your annual exam? Have your babysitter watch your little one so that he doesn't get exposed to all the illnesses that can be present in a doctor's lobby. Need to do Christmas shopping? Your babysitter can watch your child so that he will be surprised by his presents on Christmas morning (rather than knowing what he will be getting because he was with you when you purchased his gifts).

4 - A Helpful Hand from a Non-Family Member:

A well chosen babysitter can spell off family members who may be providing childcare services for you. Family members probably love getting to spend time with your child, but if you return to work 30 hours per week, they may not want to be committed to providing your childcare services for that same period.

The alternative may be to let them spend the amount of time that they want to commit to your childcare, and let a well chosen babysitter provide childcare for the other hours that you need those services to be provided.

5 - Diversity:

A well chosen babysitter can provide your little one with a diversity of influence that may serve him well as he ages. Do you speak only English in a community with a strong Spanish-speaking influence? If you hire a well chosen Spanish-speaking babysitter, your child can learn Spanish early in his life, while learning languages is easiest.

6 - Interactions with Non-Family Members:

A well chosen babysitter can help introduce your child to interacting with non-family members and help him embrace others as potential friends.

7 - Lighten Your Work Load:

A well chosen babysitter can lighten your work load. You probably have more to do than time in which to do it. Is your house a little messy but you don't know when you can wedge in time for dusting and putting some strewn about things away? Your babysitter can perform light housekeeping while your little one naps. When you return home, your house is spic and span!

These are just of few of the many benefits of hiring a well chosen babysitter. We are here to help you find that well chosen babysitter... the one who is a perfect fit for your family. We have a large database of available babysitters, a host of online information about raising children and employing babysitters, and a variety of other services and resources as well. We are here to help you.

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