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Possible Nanny Share Setups

When you create a Nanny Share, you’re creating a partnership with at least one other family, as well as a nanny who is caring for your kids. These relationships come in all different shapes and sizes, with varying numbers of children involved (although most parents and caregivers consider four children to be the maximum).

Possible Nanny Share Setups

Two infants

Many families form a Nanny Share when they’re going back to work after maternity or paternity leave, and their immediate vision is to share a nanny with another family who has a baby the same age. For the nanny, it would be similar to caring for twins.

Infant and school-aged children

Another scenario may be when a family with an infant shares a nanny with a family who has two school-aged children. In this case, the baby gets one-on-one time until the afternoon, and then has "big kids" engaging with him or her after school.

Welcoming baby #2

Many families who welcome a second child realize that daycare for two kids is more expensive than hiring a nanny, and even more expensive than a Nanny Share. In this case, a family with a toddler and a newborn might pair up with a family with one or even two kids to create a Nanny Share. This is more affordable for both families than daycare.

The moral of the story is that Nanny Share arrangements can accommodate a diverse range of possible setups, age ranges, and distances.