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Nanny Share 101: Everything You Need to Know about a Nanny Share

Learn about the types of shares, how to set up a nanny share, how to find a family and a nanny, and the cost of a nanny share.

What is a nanny share?

A nanny share is the most affordable way to employ a nanny.

The most common type of nanny share is when two families hire a nanny to care for their children together, thus splitting the cost and sharing the employee management. This would be considered a “full nanny share,” even if it’s not full-time care (40+ hours/week).

The other type of nanny share is typically called a partial-share, in which families only need a part-time nanny, but the nanny needs full-time work. This results in the family finding another family with whom they can share the 40+ hour schedule. They don’t need to manage the nanny together, but might work together on things like vacation time so the nanny can get at least two weeks off.

What are some of the benefits of a nanny share?

  • Meaningful socializing for your kids
  • Personalized care
  • Benefits of a personal nanny at a reduced cost
  • More affordable child care
  • Flexible scheduling

What are the cost savings of Nanny Share?

You can save up to $340 per week by opting for a Nanny Share instead of employing a nanny on your own. That's almost $18,000 per year saved that can instead go toward a family vacation.

The standard set up is for each family to pay the nanny 2/3 of the hourly rate, making it beneficial for the nanny as well. So, if the going rate in your area is $16/hour, each family would pay about $10/hour, leaving the nanny with a $20/hour position.

It’s a win-win situation for all parties, but the trick is to set up your Nanny Share with a family you’re compatible with, and a nanny you both appreciate.

How do you start a Nanny Share?

Some people start with the family-search, and then interview nannies together. Others find a great nanny first, and then find a family with similar parenting philosophies. There's no wrong way to get started here.

  • A Nanny Share site like Nanny Lane provides a matching platform to help you find both a local family and a nanny!

You can also post in local Facebook groups, or let parents in your social circles know that you're looking for a Nanny Share and rely on word of mouth.

Here are some more detailed steps on how to start a Nanny Share!

How do I find a Nanny Share family?

A Nanny Share match is more than your location and work schedule. It’s about finding the right fit based on parenting style and how people care for a household employee. There are many families on Nanny Lane also looking for a family to share a nanny with! Then, once you start meeting face-to-face families, use this list of questions to ask them (or yourselves) to see if you’ve found the right long-term fit.

Family Logistics to Consider:

  • Do you live near each other?
  • Are your children’s ages compatible? Most people think they need the kids in a Nanny Share to be the same age, but this simply isn't true.
  • Do you agree on where the care will be given? In one house consistently, or alternating between family homes?
  • Is the family comfortable splitting expenses like food, activities, and any gear that may have to be purchased for your nanny?
  • Do you agree on how to pay your nanny?
  • How long would they like this share setup to last?

Parent Personalities:

  • Do you get along with the other family? (See if you have any mutual friends who can provide any insight, and check out their social media presence).
  • Does anyone seem like a micro-manager who might get in the way of your parenting style or your nanny’s independence with the children?

Family Philosophies:

  • Do you like each other’s kids?
  • What is the family’s discipline style?
  • What are their rules for technology?
  • Is everyone vaccinated?

Additional Questions to Ask Each Other:

  • If my child misbehaves (hitting, biting, etc) with your child, how would you want me to handle it?
  • Say you're upset about an issue with the nanny. How would you like me to support you?

You can find more questions to ask another family here.

What to do once you have your a nanny and share-family?

Once you've got your perfect fit, you’ll want to create and sign a nanny contract to cover issues such as payment, vacation time, overtime, holidays off, etc.

You’ll also want to draft a family contract that lays out similar time-off issues as well as how you agree to handle a sick kid, house assignments, baby proofing, food expenses, tardiness, etc.

Once all the logistics are in place, you can just relax and let your professional nanny handle the rest! Let the kids have fun together, while you all reap the benefits of your Nanny Share.

What are some of the trickiest aspects to figure out with a Nanny Share?

Some aspects families my find tracking to navigate are vacation planning, dealing with one sick child, and payment when only one family is using the nanny. Here are some ways you might handle each of these:

  • Vacation Time: Assuming you give two weeks off, start by letting your nanny choose one week of vacation, then see if you and the other family can decide on the same second week to take off. If you can’t, your nanny will likely need to care for the non-vacationing family and won’t get her second week of vacation time. This means you and your share-family will need to find another week you can give her off when you can arrange back-up care.

  • Sick-Kid Time: How sick is too sick to be around another child? This is what you’ll want to decide, as kids are bound to get sick. Families tend to decide on daycare rules (as long as there’s no fever or puking), or they approach it as if these kids were siblings and decide that whatever one was exposed to, the other is bound to have been exposed to it as well.

  • Solo-Nanny Time: What happens when one family comes home early, but their house is the host house for the nanny that week? Or, if one family needs to work late/go in early, and they’re not the host-house that week? If this is likely to pop up in your Nanny Share, aim to find a nanny who will travel with the child back to the other family’s house. This way, the parents who are at home don’t have to babysit for another family.

How does nanny payroll work with a Nanny Share?

A nanny payroll service will take care of your weekly or bi-weekly nanny paychecks, even when working with another family in a Nanny Share. The service will pull from your separate bank accounts, and when filing taxes, you will all be filing separately. Nanny Lane has a payroll service that has been developed to specifically handle Nanny Share payroll logistics.

Here’s what you’ll need to get your nanny's payroll set up.

For you, the employer:

  • Contact information
  • Social Security number
  • Federal and state tax information
  • Info on your nanny’s compensation
  • Bank account information
  • The personal information above for your spouse, if you file “married, filing jointly”

From your nanny, you'll need:

  • Contact information
  • Social Security information
  • Bank account info for direct deposit
  • State income tax withholding selections
  • Federal income tax withholding selections