Finding the Perfect Nanny Through

Finding the Perfect Nanny Through

You have chosen to hire a nanny for your children, but where do you begin? You need to recruit nanny candidates from somewhere. Where can you find a pool of good nanny candidates? And then what? What is the best way to screen nanny candidates and select the perfect nanny for your family?

1 - Recruitment:

We at make the process quick and easy for you. We have a large, searchable database of available nanny candidates. When you find nanny candidates that meet your expectations, based on their database information, you can access their contact information. If you list your nanny position on, nanny candidates can contact you as well.

2 - Screening: Call or e-mail the candidates that seem to be a good fit for your family. You can also set up a telephonic or in-person interview. These first-round interviews should include parents and nanny candidates only (i.e., do not include your children in these first-round interviews). provides you with a host of online information to help you recruit and employ a nanny. Suggested interview questions provided by are quite convenient at this point in the nanny screening and selection process.

Once you have completed the first-round interviews of your nanny candidates, remove from consideration any nanny candidates that, as a result of the interviews, no longer seem to be among your best candidates.

Call or e-mail your remaining nanny candidates to schedule a second-round interview, this time including your children.

Again, utilize online information from to prepare for and carry out these second-round interviews. Sample interview questions, sample reference forms, and a sample contract are available to registered members along with an online investigation service to aid in the screening process.

3 - Selection: Once you have completed the second-round interviews, remove from consideration any nanny candidates that, as a result of the interviews, no longer seem to be among your best candidates. Your pool of nanny candidates should now be small (approximately two candidates). provides you with tools to access background checks on your remaining nanny candidates. Performing background checks on your nanny candidates are appropriate due diligence.

Once you have all the information in hand, you and your family can choose the one perfect nanny for your family. provides you with online information about nanny wages, benefits, employment contracts, and other data that you will need in order to be prepared to call your best candidate and offer her a job with your family. Once the job offer has been extended and accepted, you have successfully hired the perfect nanny for your family! Congratulations on a job well done!

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