Top Canada Locations for Nanny Jobs

Top Canada Locations for Nanny Jobs

Like the cultural differences of countries, even within Canada we see differences between provinces. The following highlights what you can expect from nannies across Canada

Nanny In Alberta Alberta is another one of Canada's provinces and a hot spot for nannies to work and live. With two major cities in the province -- Calgary and Edmonton -- there are plenty of nanny jobs to go around.

Alberta has the strongest economy in all of Canada. The per capita income in the Alberta province is higher than most other areas of Canada. This means that families can afford to pay their nannies well!

There is also a need for nannies in the province of Alberta because there are more babies! The years 2003 and 2004 saw very high birthrates, comparable to other larger provinces in Canada, which means Alberta has plenty of nanny jobs.

Ottawa Nannies Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is made up of many urban areas, which means there are plenty of families who need nannies.

From the dead of winter to the hottest summer day, Ottawa has something to offer everyone in the form of outdoor and indoor activities. As an Ottawa nanny, you will always be busy and will be able to take in some beautiful scenery while doing so. This is one reason Ottawa is a popular Canadian nanny spot. With over 210,000 families living in Ottawa, nanny jobs are easy to find!

Vancouver, British Columbia Nannies British Columbia, Canada is the westernmost province of all of Canada's provinces. British Columbia has many things that entice nannies to come work in the province, especially in the city of Vancouver -- British Columbia's largest city.

Because Vancouver is such a large city, many nannies work with nanny agencies to be placed in the area. There is such a high demand for Vancouver nannies because of the big population there. Because the city is growing so rapidly, nannies are in constant need.

Vancouver is also ranked yearly as one of the most livable cities in the world, consistently ranking in the top 100 of livable cities. It also has the third highest quality of living in the world.

Many nannies that are able to speak Chinese also search for jobs in Vancouver because there is a large Chinese population there. Vancouver actually has many ethnicities represented, so many nannies who speak different languages flock to Vancouver for jobs and do quite well.

What You Need to Nanny in Canada If you are living outside of Canada and are interested in being a nanny in Canada, you should know the following information.

Because of the high demand for nannies and other domestic workers in Canada, the government offers a program called The Live-In Caregiver Program. It was created to bring workers to Canada to fill live-in caregiver positions when there aren't enough Canadians to do the job. A live-in caregiver is a person who lives in the home and offers care to children (a nanny), the elderly or the disabled.

A nanny who lives outside of Canada can apply for this program and if accepted, can live in Canada and be approved to work in Canada for two years with a work permit. After two years of being employed in a caregiver job, you can apply for permanent residence. If you are coming from the United States to Canada to nanny, make sure that you have a valid passport and other necessary travel documents.

Who are the Nannies in Canada? Canada is home to nannies from all over the world. Nannies from the United States often come to Canada because they don't want to travel overseas, but want to speak French, which is spoken in parts of Canada. If you are a nanny from the United States and you speak French, you may want to look at being a nanny in the Great White North. You can easily find a nanny position in one of the many French-speaking provinces, such as Quebec and New Brunswick. Both Quebec and New Brunswick have the largest French-speaking populations in Canada.

You may run into nannies from the Philippines the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, as well. Nannies from these countries often come to Canada for a nanny position because the money is much better than it would be in their home countries. Plus, the government of Canada has placed special provisions within its immigration policy for nannies that come to Canada for domestic work. Nannies are carefully screened and many from these countries have graduated from a university with a degree in education or health care.

Why Nanny in Ontario? If you are looking for a unique place to nanny that is outside of the United States, you may want to consider Ontario.

Ontario is the second largest province in Canada in area and the largest province in population. There is a lot to do in Ontario, which is one reason it is so popular with nannies. You can enjoy the summer weather with the children at one of Lake Ontario's many beaches. With beautiful water and wonderful sand, an Ontario nanny and the children are sure to be busy all summer long with the activities offered at many of the provincial parks and beaches. Don't forget Niagara Falls, which would make a fun place to visit with the children in your care.

Toronto (the capital of Ontario) serves as the center of Canada's financial and banking industry and there are many families in this city who are looking for nannies. These families are usually able to pay more than a family in a rural area so this makes Toronto a popular nanny spot.

Why Nanny in Quebec? Many child care providers become Quebec nannies for several reasons. Nannies flock to Quebec because it offers many ski resorts and these resorts hire nannies for the summer and winter months. The nannies are then placed with families on a temporary basis during the family's holiday at the resort.

Quebec also offers many universities in which a nanny can further her education. In addition to that, the city has plenty of recreational activities. You can take in a professional hockey game with the kids, for instance. Montreal, Quebec's largest city, is full of museums, theme parks, and zoos to keep the nanny and kids busy.

Winnipeg Nannies Located in the province of Manitoba, Winnipeg is both the capital and largest city in the province. Because of its close proximity to the United States, Winnipeg is popular with U.S. nannies because they don't feel too far from home, but are still able to travel out of the country for a change of pace.

Winnipeg offers many cultural centers for people to enjoy. A nanny in Winnipeg can take her charges to the renowned Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Winnipeg also offers many parks and beautiful waterways to enjoy. Nannies love getting their kids outside to enjoy everything Winnipeg has to offer.

With over 375,000 people employed in the Winnipeg area, nannies are a must for any working family.

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