Part-Time Available Nanny Alayna in Seattle, WA

A little bit about me…I'm a cross-age trained child care provider and teacher. I've nannied for younger kids, substitute taught elementary Waldorf education, and coached high school debate.

I love the opportunity to get to know kids and find things that we're all interested in exploring. From science projects, plant walks, fun writing prompts, imaginative play and regular old running around, I'm always up for something fun.

At the moment, I'm writer taking time away from my day job in communications at the YMCA to work on a book project. I'm especially looking forward to taking a screen break!
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Weekdays 8:00am - 6:00pm
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Jan 2017 - Jan 2018
Ryan Tucker

Alayna was such a fun and hands-on nanny. She was always ready to match whatever mood our kids were in, and was especially great at managing conflict. Our kids had fun with her always, and she is especially fun with art projects. She's creative and intuitive and always picked up the kitchen.

*Contact information available upon request

Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Special needs
Jan 2015 - Dec 2015 (1yrs 11mo)

Jun 2013 - Jul 2014 (1yrs 1mo)
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More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…+ Writing Teacher, Daybreak Youth Services, [phone number hidden]
+ Substitute Teacher, Windsong Elementary School [phone number hidden]
+ Debate Coach, Ferris High School [phone number hidden]
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I'm super inventive when it comes to activities. I'm great at making up games on the fly and keeping kids engaged.

I'm really into craft projects, science projects, and I really love plant identification.

I'm also a patient tutor who is always up for reading, writing, math and science homework.
The most important part about being a nanny…Establishing a trusting relationship between child and parents is an important part of child care, and I think building that trust comes with taking the time to really get to know each individual child, not just their needs but their interests and motivations.

I believe in setting clear boundaries with kids and reinforcing those rules so that it's fun for everyone.

I think my favorite part of being a nanny is the opportunity to create fun, experiential ways for kids to explore their own world.
My experience with special needs children…+ I grew up in a household with a sibling with autism spectrum disorder
+ I have experience working with kids with ADHD and sensory processing disorders
My favorite nanny moment…I often think about a little boy named Max who would ask me to sing him to sleep and I felt so nervous about singing out loud and so I started to trail off, but he asked me to keep going and just so sweetly said the song was beautiful. Sooo precious.

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