Part-Time Available Nanny Ashley in Jacksonville, NC

A little bit about me…Growing up I played many sports and during high school years began to coach gymnastics. This is when I discovered my love for teaching children and becoming an important role in their lives. While I lived in California, I worked as an assistant teacher for the infant and toddler classrooms for 2 years. Then became a lead teacher in the prekindergarten classroom at a Child Development Center for 1 year. I received a cleared background check and attended CPR, first aid, and SIDS training. I have also been a nanny for two boys ages 2 and 3 for 6 months before moving to Missouri from the military where I worked at a Montessori school for 2 years. My philosophy is to encourage independence in a positive learning environment through hands-on experiences, learning creatively, and learning through play. I am looking for a nanny position where I can bring my 5-month-old child. I can nanny at your house or mine. References available upon request.
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Start: TBD
Jul 2011 - Dec 2013 (2yrs 5mo)

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