Chloe M. - Seeking Work in Chicago
Chloe M. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Full-Time Available Nanny Chloe in Chicago, IL

A little bit about me…Empathic yoga teacher & doula-in-training who enjoys helping children grow & develop confidence & happiness. I encourage development of self-awareness, healthy communication needs & feelings. I'm enthusiastic, nurturing, patient, organized & creative. I love working with kids on creative activities like art, music & more, as well as kicking a ball around, walking or adventuring! My priority is safety, health and happiness.

I'm a detailed caregiver who notices the unnoticed, can read moods and feelings, and help quell anxiety or fear. I teach healthy coping mechanisms, compassion and critical thinking. I love to see personalities shine through.

My goal is to become as integrated as you want me to be with the family. I feel that a nanny is both a great responsibility and an honor.

I also love animals, can train dogs in both basic and service-oriented tasks, and will happily help out around the house as needed (call me crazy, but I love laundry)!
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Start: ASAP
Weekdays 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Age Groups
Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I've been babysitting/nannying since 14 years old and I'm training to become a doula with post-natal support.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Soccer, tennis, swimming, playing at the park, running around, hide-and-seek, dancing and the like!
The most important part about being a nanny…Being able to connect on a deeper level to build a safe, loving, stable and intuitive environment for children. I believe a nanny's job is to encourage growth, learning and integrate with the family as much or as little as desired by the parents to align with cultural needs and wants, expectations and continuity in the way a child is parented/cared for.
My experience with special needs children…I'm experienced in taking care of special needs children, particularly on the autism spectrum and with physical and mental delays. This comes from both having 3 autistic or global delay development cousins and babysitting children with lyme's disease, learning difficulties and disabilities.
My favorite nanny moment…There are so many, but one would have to be when my client's son figured out how to read his favorite book to me after weeks of learning. There have been countless hilarious conversations (I LOVE conversing with children, they say the funniest things) and stories, imaginative games and activities. And, of course, we all have funny potty-training stories from our kids. It's inevitable when nannying young children.

Most of my favorite times have to come with sudden "wow" developmental moments. Kids learn so fast and pick up on so much more than we give them credit for. The "ah-ha!" moments are really enjoyable and exciting!

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