Christine S. - Seeking Work in Syracuse
Christine S. - Seeking Work in Syracuse

Christine S.

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< 1 yr experience
special needs
infant care
toddler care
preschooler care
grade-schooler care
A little bit about me…hi my name is christine santiago i have a daughter of my own shes 3 i love kids so much because they cute they playful of course and i watched so many kids that i just dont get tired of it i hope i get chosen i didnt finish school because i had a baby and im planning on going back back but not right now so if i get picked i will be so excited to meet your children im not like these other nannys that abuse these beautiful kids i dont abuse mines either i love kids so much and i want to work because i need money to support my own child ive been going in and out of shelters because i dont have money like to get my own place now im living with my mom so i can get back on my feet me and my daughter been going through alot thank i hope i get picked