Daniella P. - Seeking Work in Seattle
Daniella P. - Seeking Work in Seattle

Live-In Full-Time Nanny Available in Seattle, WA: Daniella P.

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A little bit about me…I could go on and on about my passion for working with children but I will save that! I have over 16 years of varying experience ranging from managing large groups of children during a summer camp to one on one intensive behavioral therapy with children diagnosed with severe Autism. I have worked with children in their homes and at their schools. Most recently, I have taught first grade for the past 4 years while also working as a nanny for twin newborns on the weekends. My educational philosophy is that children must Maslow before they can Bloom. Children need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable to take chances, make mistakes and be themselves before they are able to learn how to read and write. I take pride in the positive environment I create with my students and families and we are very successful because of that. No matter the setting or child's abilities, if I am able to inspire, encourage, support, and love children in the way they need, I consider myself living my dream job.

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Start: Jul 25, 2022
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Jun 2015 – Aug 2017 (2yrs 2mo)

Mar 2019 – Apr 2022 (3yrs 1mo)
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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…Teacher, director of an early childcare center, ABA therapist, tutor
Activities I enjoy doing with children…stories, crafts, outdoor exploration, hands-on activities, sports, song and dance, yoga, academic activities
The most important part about being a nanny…The security and comfortable safe space you provide so the child can be free to learn about him/herself and the world about them.
My experience with special needs children…I have worked with children on the autism spectrum, with down syndrome, ADHD, and anxiety.
My favorite nanny moment…My most cherished moment is watching the growth and interaction between the twin girls that I watch. Over the past 3 years, I have watched them develop and grow at their own pace while learning to embrace and support each other.
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Hello! I am currently a live in nanny for my brother, his six-year-old daughter is in kindergarten. I need another form of income and I love children, I would have to work around her school schedule.
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Hello! My name is Fanta Ceesay, I'm currently a fourth-year student at the University of Washington pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Medical Anthropology & Global Health. Despite the fact that I do not have any nannying experience quite yet, being the eldest daughter of three with a five and nine-year age gap between my siblings and I, the nurturing and general care that I believe nannying entails seems to come as a second nature to me! I am also a Godmother to two beautiful baby girls that are currently 6 months and a year old that I absolutely adore spending time with throughout the week when their parents are at work! I am extremely excited on starting my journey as a nanny and building my skillset!
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Will edit more later.
College educated hopeful firefighter looking for work while in EMT school
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I am a compassionate, loving, go with the flow woman who adores children, yet can be firm at times if required. I have three children of my own ages 2, 10 and 13, and seem to attract the angel eyes of little kids. Interactive choices and empowering others to be confident in their own freewill while still being respectful and honoring of those around them is key. I love the opportunity to get messy, loud and energetic with children… and we clean up afterward, knowing that we had a good, full day.

I grew up in Renton but have lived in Burien for the past 7 years. I got my GED in 2010 at the age of 16, afterwards I've completed 2 programs which are Medical Assistance program and Nurse assistance program. I worked as a nurse assistant for a few months but had to stop due to an injury.
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My names Emily and Im moving to seattle July 10th. Ive been a babysitter for the past 6+ years and grew up with 6 brothers! Covid vaccinated!
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I have experience in all ages.
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Full-Time Babysitter Available in Seattle, WA: Hanna M.

Hello! My name is Hanna! I love spending time with children! Whether it’s helping them with school, playing outside, playing games or making crafts! Please reach out to me with any questions :)

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