Hannah L. - Seeking Work in Syracuse
Hannah L. - Seeking Work in Syracuse

Part-Time Available Nanny Hannah in Syracuse, NY

A little bit about me…I grew up with a younger brother who I took care of every summer until I moved away...taking care of him while my parents worked was my first round of experience in babysitting! I took a babysitting certification course while I was in high school where I learned basic safety involving children and infants. In the last year of my undergrad at SUNY Potsdam, I worked at the North Country Migrant Education Center on my campus where I not only got to work directly with kids a lot, (generally pre-school aged) but I built their curriculums for school and for fun activities. I read books and made SO many play-dough structures! Although I don't have much professional nanny experience, I have nannied for family members and close friends many times and am an extremely caring and fast-learning person. I know this isn't totally related, but I recently got two kittens of my own and I am so passionate about raising them and nurturing them that my friends make fun of me because I read so many books and articles and treat them like they're human children. I like to have fun and I LOVE coloring, but I also love helping with homework and reading skills with kids. This is also not totally related, but I have a bachelors degree in communications with a GPA of 3.65 and am working now towards my masters of arts at SU in audio arts. I know many things about babysitting and kids, but anything I don't know, I would take the time and effort to learn because I'm a passionate and caring person.
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Driver’s License
Fluent Languages
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Light housekeeping
Meal prep
Jan 2014 - Jun 2014 (5mo)