Hina B. - Seeking Work in Clinton
Hina B. - Seeking Work in Clinton

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Elizabeth V. - Seeking Work in Clinton
Elizabeth Vickers
Clinton$10/hr  |  < 1 yr experience
I have possessed maternal instincts since I was twelve. While others played with dolls I took care of a real live doll, my 4 month old cousin. With the help and advice from my mom and grandmother who was always on hand I acquired child care skills that made me the natural go to when someone needed a babysitter. I thought every girls first job was babysitting. From there I sat for all the parents in our co-op building of 38 floors. My mom was surprised when a woman entrusted me with her new born and gingerly asked me to say decline. She requested that I at least keep the ages to 6 months. Since then I have managed children of various ages, from 10 months to eleven. I am hyper by nature and a kid at heart. I am old school. I remember blocks, hopscotch and I can skip rope with the best of them. Of course the old time favorite hide n seek ranks number one. I know how to keep busy. I know how hard it is for mother's to work and manage household duties and task. My job would be to make things as easy for my parent(s) as possible. When the kids are napping I am cleaning. Some quotes from families I have serviced are: My kids are always clean when I come home.
My kids miss you on the weekends when you're not around. I hear, "mom where's the nice lady" Husbands have told me their house has been this clean since we bought it. I love children. They are our future and truly God's promise that the world will go on. I am what you're looking for, who won't be disappointed. I can start tomorrow. Thank you