Joan O. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles
Joan O. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Full-Time Available Nanny Joan in Los Angeles, CA

A little bit about me…I have extensive experience working with children from all age groups. I have worked with children from high profile families to the economically and physically disadvantaged in a teaching setting. Mostly I prefer one on one interaction so that I can hone in on a child's individualized needs. Children seem to enjoy my particular sense of creativity and seem eager to know what their next adventure will be. I can help your child develop a sense of order and inner tranquility. Children who become self actualized at a younger age tend to become more capable problem solvers as they mature. Unstructured play is a very important time in a child's life where they can experience the consequences of freedom. This is the essential ingredient to raising a responsible, thoughtful, proactive child.
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