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A little bit about me…I love GOD, I love people, no matter tge race/ethnicity. Being the first male of a family of 7 kids "in total", I grew up taking care of my lil bro when we were kids. I also took care of my older sister's todlers right after college hours, most of time we dwelt together at my parent's house.

The steps of a good man are ordered by The LORD: And HE delighteth in his way.
Psalm 37:23
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Jan 1998 - Jul 2001 (4yrs 6mo)

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Chelsey S.
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I have been a nanny for two families so far. A 7 year old boy(Robert), whom I watched for 7 months. I took him to and picked him up from school. I would help with homework, constantly involved in activities with him, tested his creativity in many activities. His mother was the store manager so she traveled a lot and there were times that I would have to stay over night because her flights were early in the morning. I did laundry, grocery shopping, school shopping etc. for her when needed as well. I typically got 20-30 hours a week. Also, nanny for a family with a 3 month old (Genevieve), 2 year old (Eloisa) and 4 year old(Annabelle). I am currently still nannying for this family until further notice. I adore these little girls, they are so awesome. I typically get anywhere from 15-30+ hours a week. Depending on their schedules. I usually get there just before they have breakfast, I make lunch and IF needed I will start a little dinner for them but that usually isn't the case. Their parents do not rely on technology to occupy or entertain their kids(which I do not disagree at all) so I spend tons of time creating games, craft ideas for them, dress up, and whatever they want to do basically. We listen to Disney Pandora all day usually. All the girls have a schedule. Lunch 12:30 Nap 1:30-3:30 Genevieve is on an eating schedule as well. 7:30,10:30,1:30 and 4:30 etc. I was provided a mini van so I could take them to the park, museums, and/or out to lunch. Currently: I am a nanny in SF for two year old twins. I have been since October 2013. I am CPR certified. It's been an absolute joy. I have been their nanny since they were 4.5 months and have been through so many milestones with them. Anywhere from sleep training, learning to walk and talk, feeding themselves, ABC's, numbers, colors. I have made all of their food since they were able to start eating solids. We go to the park at least once or twice a day, I love being outside! We go to the zoo all the time, the beach, museums, tumbling classes, art classes. We've been on a pretty solid schedule and routine since they were little too. I have a great relationship with the parents that I truly consider two of my good friends. We have all become family pretty much. :)