Mikka B. - Seeking Work in New York
Mikka B. - Seeking Work in New York

Live-In Part-Time Nanny Available in New York, NY: Mikka B.

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A little bit about me…Hello, I am a naturally timid but warm spirit who finds her truest self around the unfiltered energy of kids. I love the humbling truth that children always teach us more than we could ever dream of teaching them. I am so grateful to give them my undivided eyes, ears, and heart for they have always opened it much wider than anything else ever could.

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Preschoolers (4-9 years)
Toddlers (1-3 years)
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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I volunteered at a hospital with children where my mother still works.

When in Medical School, I also attended clinics in the Caribbean which included a variety of minors from infancy to adolescence.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…As I child at heart, I am just as eager to explore new things with children, whether it be through books and shows inside the house or strolls and views outside in nature. Though I must admit, I find myself happiest within pages filled with words for our curiosity and blank spaces for our creativity.
The most important part about being a nanny…The most important part about being a nanny is to learn and grow gracefully as an individual alongside each child and their family. There is no such thing as perfect growth. The ultimate goal is to familiarize and encourage every child with a variety of healthy tools that will best support their well-being independent of rain or shine. This endless path of self love and security will hopefully serve as steady ground for them walk on at every stage of life.
My experience with special needs children…I have watched kids with varying levels of autism, ranging from those who are high functioning to those are struggling with delayed verbal skills and heightened sensitivity. I have an extremely soft spot for how strong and resilient they can be despite moments in which they might find it very challenging to seek comfort and assurance.
My favorite nanny moment…My favorite nanny moment was witnessing a brother and sister go from fighting for who gets to eat the last cracker to who gets to give it. Guilty of breaking the selfless magic, I reminded them that they could always break it in half. Instead they surprised me once more by giving me the whole cracker.
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Kirstin Y. - Seeking Work in New York

Live-In Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in New York, NY: Kirstin Y.

Hi! I'm Kirstin, but you can call me KT if you prefer! I am a full-time student at University of Miami studying nursing but I will be home from May to August. I absolutely love kids of all ages. I have little and big siblings. I have been taking care of babies and children for pretty much my entire life and professionally for 4 years. Child care is something I have always loved, I spent my last summer working as a camp counselor, but I am looking for something more personal this summer. I love kids because of how creative their minds are and how easily they can learn new tasks, and hobbies with the right amount of guidance and patience. My favorite things to do as a nanny are arts and crafts, I love being hands on, and encouraging children to try new foods from a young age!
Javiera T. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Nanny Available in New York, NY: Javiera T.

Soy una persona joven que aprende rápido, ordenada, metódica y con buena dispocisión. Creativa al momento de estar a cargo de un pequeño/a. Con conciencia del medio ambiente y de tu alrededor.
Vengo de Chile.

Quedo atenta a cualquier propuesta, muchas gracias.
Rose R. - Seeking Work in New York

Live-In Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in New York, NY: Rose R.

Hello I am rose I love working with kids very much enjoy it out going n fun always on a possible way education is the best way I love to read
Malea H. - Seeking Work in New York

Part-Time Babysitter Available in New York, NY: Malea H.

I'm a musical theatre student currently, I'm graduating in October. I take classes at night, so I’m looking for something between 8am and 4-5:30. I'm from Reno, Nevada, where I frequently worked as a face painter at birthday parties as well as an on-call babysitter. My mother is a midwife/ doula so I'm very familiar with young babies and what's necessary to care for them, as well as older children. I love disney & pixar as much as any child I've taken care of, and I never get tired of watching the same movie over and over with them :)
Nell V. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Babysitter Available in New York, NY: Nell V.

Hello! My name is Nell, I am a nanny and former preschool teacher with over eight years of experience caring for children from 3 months to 10 years. I absolutely love spending time with children, and I particularly enjoy engaging them in outdoor/nature education, reading with them, and doing collaborative activities like baking or art. I think my strengths lie in creating relationships where children can feel nurtured, safe, respected, and understood.
-covid vaccinated
-drivers license
-good cook, esp vegan/vegetarian meals
-in process of renewing CPR/first aid certification
-Masters degree from Columbia (2021), BA from Mount Holyoke College (2018)
-Able to speak German and French Happy to provide a formal resume and excellent references! Looking forward to meeting you and your little ones!
Ava D. - Seeking Work in New York

Part-Time Nanny Available in New York, NY: Ava D.

Hello! I am Ava, a junior in high school. I have various experiences caring for children, such as babysitting, especially my three younger sisters, and tutoring in math for a 7-year-old boy. I am CPR, and First Aid certified and am very responsible. I have a passion for caring for children and am more than willing to do crafts, help with homework, go on walks, and make meals. I am also well versed in popular books and movies such as "Harry Potter" and "Marvel" and am happy to indulge any obsessions in these topics.
Jannet H. - Seeking Work in New York

Part-Time Child Care Provider Available in New York, NY: Jannet H.

I have over 25 years experience working with children from infant to teenagers. I work 15 years with one family , My last nanny job i work over 5 years with 3 boys from New born. I have excellent references. I I have lots of patience, trustworthy reliable ,dependable.
Masha S. - Seeking Work in New York

Part-Time Nanny Available in New York, NY: Masha S.

Hi, I'm Masha and I'm studying art, film, and psychology at Columbia University! I love kids and I'm more than happy to give art lessons too 💕 Not looking for anything fulltime, just something I can have fun doing on the side with my studies.
Mariela R. - Seeking Work in New York

Full-Time Babysitter Available in New York, NY: Mariela R.

hello my name is mariela rodriguez, I am a mother of three young teenager. I have a lot of experience in childcare. I have previously worked as a home assistant and I like to take care of others and help those who need it.

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