Katie A. - Seeking Work in Auburn
Katie A. - Seeking Work in Auburn

Katie a Nanny for Hire in Auburn, NH 03032

start: Jan 1, 2000
< 1 yr experience
meal prep
special needs
driver’s license
infant care
toddler care
preschooler care
grade-schooler care

Gender Female

Age 36

Experience 7 years nanny 10+ years babysitting

Skills Drivers License Car Swim

Can care for Disabilities Behavioral Issues Twins/Multiples

Availability Start Date Is Flexible

Position duration Permanent / Full-time

Would prefer to Live-out

Preferred states ME,MA,NH

I’m a nanny because I sincerely enjoy helping and caring for others. I love watching children grow and learn day to day. Being a witness to and a part of a child’s development is elating and rewarding for me. I cherish it very much. I am intelligent, hardworking, positive, energetic, creative, and athletic. These attributes make me an excellent resource, example, and companion for children. Not only do I work hard, I play hard. However, I play by the rules and require children to do the same. I may be “strict” when it comes to following through on rules and manners, but I always make sure the children understand why we follow the rules and exhibit good behavior and manners: to keep us and others safe, as well as to be respectful of ourselves, others, and our surroundings so that everyone can all have as much fun as possible. I encourage peer interaction whenever possible so children can not only practice their social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and using good manners, but also so the children can experience the happiness and pride that comes from doing so. I enjoy engaging children in physical activities such as games and adventures, especially outdoors. I also love the creativity of arts and crafts whether it is outside or inside. I still have my childhood imagination and children have a lot of fun with me. For example, it is common for children and me to transform empty cardboard boxes into castles, airplanes, and cars. There is never a dull moment and I strive to make every moment a learning opportunity about the world around us: where things comes from, how they are made, how they work, and the many ways they can be used. I love probing children to discover the endless possibilities of how something ordinary can become something extraordinary with imagination, creativity, and tinkering.

My past childcare experience The bulk of my babysitting childcare experience (14+ years) was for a two families from my hometown, Concord, New Hampshire. I began caring for the first family in 1994 for their 4 year-old girl almost every weekend while her parents went out (typically from 4p.m.-1a.m.). Her younger brother was born in 1998 and I began caring for him also when he was 6 months-old. In addition to caring for these children most weekends, I also cared for them some weeknights when one or both parents were out of state on business. My duties for this family included caring for the children, meal preparations for the children, cleaning up after the children, washing and putting away all dishes, getting the children ready for bed and putting them to bed, and transporting the children to and from their various activities by car—when I was of legal driving age. I also house sat for this family every summer when they would take vacations ranging from 1 week to 1 month in duration. During their vacations I would perform full housekeeping tasks (vacuum, mop, clean bathrooms, etc.), water all indoor and outdoor plants, maintain the appearance of the house, bring in the mail/newspaper, and perform other tasks/errands that came up while they were away. I provided care for this family regularly from 1994 through 2001, when I left for college, and sporadically from 2001 through 2006, when I moved to Florida. The other family I babysat for began in 1995 for their 2 year-old boy. His younger sister was born in 1999 and I began caring for her also when she was 10 months-old. I babysat for this family a few times a month on weekend days and occasionally on a week or weekend night when the parents had to work or if they were going out. This family lived next door to me; the parents have known me since they moved in when I was about seven or eight years-old. I provided care for this family from 1995 through 2001, when I left for college. During the summer of 2005 I was fortunate to be selected as an intern for the elite and academically intense—and amazing— Program, offered only for application to the finest rising senior students of the state’s public school system, that takes place every summer on the campus in Concord, NH. I was extremely grateful to return, as I had been accepted as a student for the 2000 term. As an intern, I performed the duties of an assistant ecology teacher, a dorm supervisor, and a sports coach. I was responsible for the 17 co-ed students in my ecology course, (which included multiple overnight canoe and camping field trips in addition to multiple day field trips); the 30 girls that lived in my dorm; and the 40 co-ed students I coached for soccer and the 100+ co-ed students I supervised in the weight room of the school gymnasium during the sports period over the course of 5 1/2 week program. The average age of these students was 17 years. My nanny experience began in 2006 when I became a part-time (~25 hours/week), live-out nanny for 2 children: a 6 year-old girl and an 8 year-old boy. My duties included: picking both children up from their respective schools at the end of the school day, transporting the children to their various activities, and then transporting the children back to their house; snack preparation; providing homework assistance; occasional dinner preparation for the family; in addition to occasional laundry and light housekeeping duties. About once or twice a month, the single-mother would have out of state business trips lasting 3-5 days in duration. During these times I became a live-in nanny and was responsible for breakfast, lunch, and dinner preparation; packing lunches for school; transporting the children to their respective schools; in addition to my regular duties. During my employment for the mother, I worked part-time in her office while the children were in school. I held this position from January, 2006 through March, 2006, when I moved to Florida to pursue my full-time career as an environmental scientist for a firm in Fort Lauderdale. I worked as an environmental scientist for the same consultant firm from March, 2006 through April, 2009. Due to the decline in the economy, government funding was consequently diminished which severely reduced the amount of available work in my company’s industry. I was laid off in April, 2009. My first full-time nanny job began in May, 2009 as a full-time (50+hours/week), live-out nanny for 2 children: an 8 month-old girl and an 18 month-old boy. I became a live-in nanny for this family in September, 2010. I was responsible for changing diapers and dressing the children; breakfast and lunch preparation; planning and conducting educational learning activities; ensuring the overall safety of the children each day; transporting the children to activities, (and eventually preschool); performing all of the family's housekeeping duties: vacuuming and mopping of all floors; cleaning all countertops, sinks, appliances, toilets, showers, and bath tubs; dusting, etc.; performing all of the family's laundry and bed linens duties; grocery shopping; dry cleaning drop-offs/pick-ups; in addition to any other requested errands. I also provided full care for the family’s 2 English Bulldogs and their 2 cats, (feeding and changing drinking water, dog waste and litter box cleanup). Both parents are employed as full-time Special Senior Officers for Homeland Security so I was always available to them, and often called upon, for emergency and overnight call-ins. The children and I enjoyed many day trips during the week to various beaches, museums, parks, and libraries. I enjoyed working for this family very much and we always joked about me staying with them even after the kids went off to college; I was either going to be the kids’ RA in college or continue to live at home with the parents and manage their house &#61514;. My employment with this family came to a bittersweet end at the very end of February, 2011 in order for me to move back "home" to New Hampshire so that I could aid my mother with her pressing medical issues. My mother has since fully recovered and I am enjoying being back in New Hampshire. My first nanny job being back in NH was part-time (~30hrs/wk) caring for a family’s identical twin 20 month-old girls and their 3 year-old boy. The mother worked from her home office and the father worked out of the house. Although the mother was physically in the house, during her workday (8am-5pm) I treated the situation as if she is not in the house at all. Therefore, I provided all of the care for the three children including: daily breakfast, lunch, and snack preparation; packing a lunch for the boy and transporting him to/from school for his half-day preschool class twice a week, (the girls accompanied us for the rides); performing all of the children's laundry and bed linens duties as needed; performing all daily dish washing and putting away for the entire family; occasional dinner preparation for the entire family; keeping the house clean and tidy daily; performing yard work and exterior painting and staining during my "off hours" or while the children were napping; keeping the children's rooms clean and tidy daily; and every other week: vacuuming and mopping all floors, cleaning all windows and mirrors, cleaning all toilets/showers/tubs/sinks, and beating and washing all rugs. The mother's job required her to travel almost every week during the summer months for conventions across the nation. When the mother was away on business I worked an additional 2-3 hours each day; performed all laundry duties for the entire family; and provide daily dinner preparation for the entire family, (in addition to my usual duties). After 6 months with this family I took a full-time job (~45hrs/wk) with another family that was more local and provided the work hours I had been seeking. I cared for their 3 boys: newborn, 18 months, and 2 1/2 years-old. Meals, baths, laundry, housekeeping, school transportation, music classes, trips to parks and the beach, and caring for the family dog kept me busy! I am currently caring full-time (45-50hrs/wk) for 2 boys: 5 and 8, and also performing all housekeeping and many household management duties. I have been with this family for almost 2 years. Due to my recent move, I am seeking a job closer to my house to reduce my travel costs and commute time, which is currently a solid 45 minutes.

Additional comments I am a very flexible, easy-going person with lots of patience. I easily adapt to any schedule and needs of a family, no matter how hectic or chaotic one might consider it to be. Chaos does not bother me; I am a problem solver and handle stress very well. I enjoy challenges and working hard--this is what makes my job as a nanny very satisfying. I get along with children very well and easily because I still play and imagine as a child. I have found that this causes children to find me very likable and approachable; even the shyest children are quick to open up to me. Children often view me as a close friend, which helps builds their trust and respect for me. However, I am by no means a "pushover". I maintain my ground with children regarding all rules in order to keep them safe and also to maintain the respect and the boundary that I am their caretaker first, their friend second. I am also a "stickler" when it comes to manners. I require children to ask for things correctly, i.e.: "May I please have..." or "Will you please..." in addition to always verbalizing gratitude to others: "Thank you for...". I have always gotten along very well with my employer(s) as well as their extended family members and family friends. I have an excellent sense of humor that keeps things light and bearable, especially on the days which many people would be quick to label as an "extremely bad day". I truly enjoy helping around the house because I know it allows the parent(s) to spend more time with their children when they are home. I am willing to perform any requested housework and/or meal preparation, including but not limited to: meal preparation for the children and the entire family; vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning windows, washing and putting away dishes, etc.; wash/dry/iron/fold/put away the children's and the entire family's laundry; feed, care, and clean up after pets of all species; perform the family grocery shopping and any errands in need of being done. I am a friendly, out-going, and I am an athlete. I currently run and train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Throughout my school years I participated in soccer, baseball, downhill ski racing, outdoor and indoor track, and lacrosse. My senior year I was captain of my ski team. During my sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school I was captain of my lacrosse team. I am very proud of this team because we grew from a team of beginners my freshman year, became the state runner-ups my sophomore year, and were the state champions both my junior and senior years. I have five years of roof and home construction/remodeling experience which I obtained during my college years. I am able to complete many fix-it projects around the house. I am very fond, grateful, and proud of this past employment. It not only made it possible for me to put myself through college without incurring any debt, but it also exemplifies my strong work ethic and desire to challenge myself and succeed. I also have many years of landscaping experience; therefore, I am happily available to your family to perform yard work as well as interior and exterior painting during "off hours". I am not fluent in Spanish. However, I understand much more than the "basics" and I am able to speak enough to get by. I am able to read and write a great deal more than I can speak. I completed 5 1/2 years of Spanish study during grades 8-12. I also completed one semester of intermediate Spanish study during my sophomore year of college. My 5 years living and working in Fort Lauderdale, FL also enhanced my comprehension of the language. The overall impression I am trying to provide you with is that I am an honest, incredibly hard working individual that genuinely loves to help others, especially children and their families. My main objective is to provide the happiest, least stressful/tense environment for both the children and the parent(s). I guarantee coming home will be a stress-free and enjoyable part of the day for the parent(s), as well as a time for the parent(s) to fully relax and simply enjoy time with their children. Your children will always be clean and happy; your home will always be picked up and tidy. I reside in Portsmouth, NH (about 1 mile from the intersection of Rt. 33 and interstate 95). I am seeking a job that is within a 30 minute commute; a further commute would increase my hourly rate in order to cover my travel costs. I prefer a job that provides me with a car for use while on duty because my personal car is a 2009 Honda Accord 2-door coupe, which makes it extremely difficult to transport children requiring car seats and it offers minimal trunk space for transporting strollers, toys, sporting equipment, etc. My salary requirements are negotiable based on the requirements of the job. My typical rate starts at $15/hr for the care of first child and then $5/hr for the care of each additional child. This rate includes "normal" duties--daily meal preparation for the children, daily cleanup of the children, daily cleanup of our activities, and all transportation needs of the children to/from activities in a provided vehicle. I carry my own individual health insurance policy and this cost has been factored into my starting rates stated above. Any additional tasks you would like me to perform will be negotiated based on the depth and requirements of each task. Additionally, the use of my personal vehicle on duty will be negotiated to cover gas, wear and tear, and the increased insurance costs for the coverage of the children and the increased driving I will be performing. I am a very reasonable and practical person. I am willing to work with the needs and abilities of a family to reach an agreement on a rate that is fair to both the family and me so that neither party feels taken advantage of.

Level of education College Degree

Languages English

Nationality American