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A little bit about me…Hey there! I am 19 years old, although very mature & responsible for my age. I am studying to become a dentist & travel agent; nothing I love more than teeth, children, & seeing the world, taking in more knowledge. I make a great nanny because of my nurturing spirit. Nannies are responsible for supporting and encouraging children and must be able to foster their development; I am very trustworthy and fun your children will have the best time with me no doubt!
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Oct 2018 - May 2019 (1yrs 7mo)

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Nia T.
Cypress$22.85/hr  |  < 1 yr experience
I am a mommy to an amazing, smart, handsome, 4 year old boy. He is my world! Kids are truly a blessing, I know he has been for me. I have had paid experience caring for kids since I was 13. I have completed courses in Parenting Education, Child Development and Child Psychology. These classes have given me an insight on how the minds of babies and kids may operate. It has enlightened me and the knowledge has provided me with great patience when caring for kids. I understand the stages and phases kids travel. Child Psychology in particular helps me with the teaching aspect, because it helps me understand how most kids learn, how they think and what phases they go though at certain ages. Not only has Parenting Education been a course I took, it is a life lesson for me. Because I am actually a mother, the passion, the love, the nurturing has come naturally for me. The Education of Parenting is life long! I am dedicated to what I do, this is not just a job for me. I do this because I actually love to care for kids. Childcare does not come easy, and kids are not to be tampered with. They are so precious, and It takes the right caregiver/teacher to nurture their minds in a positive way and teach them in a way that they enjoy learning. - I have worked for Daycares for over 2 years. In the duration of those 2.5 years... I started out with toddlers, I cared for 15 tots in a class at once. I have also cared for 5 newborn/infants at once, 19 preschoolers in my class alone and 30 kindergarten students in my class alone. In addition to that I've provided in-home care for 5 years, kids ranging from Premature Newborn to 13 year olds.