Sally D. - Seeking Work in San Francisco
Sally D. - Seeking Work in San Francisco

Part-Time Available Nanny Sally in San Francisco, CA

A little bit about me…I have worked as a nanny for 25 years in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. I have had the honor of being the very first babysitter for many families so I understand how hard it is for a new parent to return to work. I have cared for children ages 4 months to pre-teens and for many of these families, I have remained their nanny/babysitter for several years.

I am an actor/musician/teacher and love to share my creativity with children. I am very responsible with have a positive attitude. I do not have a problem with light housework and I love to cook. I actually love to clean.

I live in Noe Valley and currently work for a family in Bernal Heights caring for a 3 year old named Oliver. I work for them 10 hours a week, late afternoon until bedtime Tues and Thurs and I am looking for another part-time situation.

I am fully vaccinated and will receive my booster on Dec 16. I know infant/adult CPR.

I have excellent references! 
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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…I have taught Improv/comedy to children ages 8-14 with the Salesian after-school program in North Beach, SF. I was also the assistant director on several Musicals and Shakespeare productions.

I volunteered to teach drumming for the San Francisco Precita Center Head Start program as well as helped organize the children for the Carnaval parade.

I worked for the Washington State Department of Ecology as an artist in residence to tour schools with a puppet show to promote litter control and recycling. Ages kindergarten to 3rd grade.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…I love to share my creativity with children. Music (I am a professional drummer and singer and theatre arts. I love to dance and explore movement with all ages. I love to create art of any kind with children. I also love to help children with homework and if they are not yet in school, then we will explore colors, shapes, numbers, etc... I am not the kind of childcare provider that sits around and watches a child play, I will get right down there with them...if they want to play trains or build a tower with legos or manga-tiles, then I am happy and willing!
The most important part about being a nanny…I think the most important part about being a nanny is to always have the health and safety of the child as your top priority. It's also very important to keep the child engaged and having fun as well as help them learn how to follow routines and how to make choices.

I believe in honoring the parent's wishes and working with families to create a structure that helps the child grow and feel confident and safe. It's important for a child to learn how to express themselves.
My experience with special needs children…I have worked with an autistic child and discovered that he was very responsive to music, especially singing.
My favorite nanny moment…I have so many favorite nanny moments but I will never forget when 4-year-old, Gus sat down behind a drumset at my friend's studio and was able to play very accomplished rhythms. His father and I looked at each other in amazement! Gus is now 21 years old and attending the New York School of Jazz. He is a very accomplished jazz and rock drummer.

I currently care for a very adorable, smart, and energetic 3-year-old boy named Oliver. He has a new baby brother, Sebastian who is almost 4 months old. It is magnificent to watch Oliver take care of his brother and make him smile.

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