Shantel S. - Seeking Work in Rochester
Shantel S. - Seeking Work in Rochester

Part-Time Available Nanny Shantel in Rochester, NY

A little bit about me…I have been babysitting since I was 13 and it actually started off as a test because I wanted to prove I could be responsible and let's just say it went from there.I can cook, clean, make sure meals are served @ time provided by parent(s), make sure down @ proper nap and bed times. Babies in pampers will be properly and safely chang when needed.There is more included in MY experience because I have a 6 year old son of my own that I truly adore. the most important that I provide @ ALL times is supervision for safety and experience. I also have my child/adult first aid aed/CPR certificate as well as I am a certified home health aide so I have plenty of experience w/kids as well as aging adults
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