Skyy H. - Seeking Work in Atlanta
Skyy H. - Seeking Work in Atlanta

Skyy H.

start: TBD
4 yrs experience
A little bit about me…Hello amazing parents & guardians! My name is Skyy Harris. I am a female sophomore in high school turning 16 very soon. My goal is to help. Even though I am young I have experience working with children. Throughout middle school I volunteered at a day care which had an after school program dance studio for children of all ages in Miami, Florida. I caught two public buses everyday to get there and left after all of the children went home. Working there was a very happy time for me because I was able to gain experience tutoring kids of all learning capabilities and sizes. I moved to Atlanta and I really miss the joy of working with kids.

I am on the honor roll with honors courses. I excel in all subjects and love helping other students in class. I also take chorus and love music. Although I take everything I do seriously, I have a very bubbly personality. I love to make people laugh. I love working with children because I can offer them the importance of education & life lessons that might allow them to grow older and genuinely be good people. I love all types of animals as well, big or small.

No matter what you will always see me smiling as I am an optimistic person that only brings positive energy to the table. My teachers and people I know would describe me as very bright, intelligent, creative, patient, compassionate, open minded, hardworking, outgoing, and caring. I take learning very seriously and I also enjoy working out. I can help a child learn because I grasp the importance of working with young minds. Children are influenced easily and it is important to me that I am a good influence. I am young but people often say I have an old soul and that I am mature. I would not only be a babysitter, I would be a friend who will guide your child in the way you see fit