Vereshia N. - Seeking Work in Chicago
Vereshia N. - Seeking Work in Chicago

Full-Time Available Nanny Vereshia in Chicago, IL

A little bit about me…Hello parents! I'm a career nanny currently residing on Chicago's South Shore. I've been working with children for an upwards of 9 years. I began with essentially raising my younger siblings (who are both on the autism spectrum). I then moved on to volunteer work at daycare centers with after-school programs and babysitting for various families around Chicago.

I've been a dependable nanny for a few families, and I'd be happy to send their contact info your way. I'm very comfortable working with infants, more than one child at the same time, and exploring different activities with the children as a means to stimulate developmental growth. I offer communication with parents throughout the day so you can stay updated!

I absolutely love working with children. As an artist, I believe one of the most important things you can do for a child is to foster their sense of creativity and provide them with a fun, fulfilling, and enriching environment. I enjoy watching them grow and learn (my love of teaching may stem from Mr. Feeney's influence - brownie points if you get that reference!), helping them as they face new challenges whether they be using the big boy/girl potty for the first time or taking that spelling test that we've been preparing for all week.

I am trained in general and infant First Aid, and I'm comfortable working with children of all ages so I would love the opportunity for a long term position!
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