Whitney S. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles
Whitney S. - Seeking Work in Los Angeles

Part-Time Available Nanny Whitney in Los Angeles, CA

A little bit about me…I'm a former public/charter school dance teacher of 14 years—specializing in integrating creative movement and academics with a constructivist approach. I have taken care of children all my life and love to play, dance, explore, make up games, etc... I have an M.A. in Dance Education from NYU as well as experience and training in child development, social-emotional learning, & conflict resolution, etc...
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Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…Public/Charter school teacher for 14 years for grades TK-10th. Most of my experience is with grades TK-6th. Anytime I visit my family, I nanny for my niece and nephew (ages 2 and 7), I was a part-time nanny for a family with one 2 year-old girl in Glendale during 2019. I babysat throughout my teen and college years and was a weekend nanny for a 9-week old girl (she was 1 year when I moved home) in NYC while in grad school.
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Creative movement with problem solving, dress-up, arts and crafts, coloring and drawing, card and board games, word games, gardening, playground, puzzles, STEM related (creating our own arcade games, Rube Goldberg machines, etc...), active imagination/exploration (my niece and nephew loved when we made our own map of their home and yard, then marked a pathway leading to "treasure" and followed it, not knowing where it would lead. Then we buried "wishes for the future" as our treasure), trains, writing and illustrating stories, reading, etc...
The most important part about being a nanny…Being fully present and actively engaged. I love to play with kids, not just give them things to do while I watch or supervise (though that does sometimes happen, especially with more than one child).
My experience with special needs children…I have taught many elementary age children with autism (mild to severe), non-verbal, sensory issues, opposition disorder, learning disabilities, trauma, ADHD, etc... I also used to help my mother, a special education teacher, at the end of each school year and have experience with severe intellectual disability as well.
My favorite nanny moment…Any moment when a child is truly in the moment filled with wonder and joy is amazing, but helping a child process difficult emotions by giving them tools so they can cope in a healthy way is the most rewarding. For example, instead of hitting or biting when angry, helping them take a breath, name their emotions, and take some alone time to breathe, hit a pillow, tear paper, etc... It takes a long time and lots of practice, so to see it happen unprompted is truly amazing. Or helping kids learn how solve conflict in a respectful way using a repair process and then seeing them take ownership of the process unprompted is also rewarding. Of course, I also always love when a child is truly happy to see me when I arrive, meaning they had just as much as I did the last time I was there.

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