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What Is A Nanny Share?

A Nanny Share is when two families share one nanny, with children typically cared for at the same time.

The nanny has two employers and enjoys higher pay than the typical full-time position, while each family saves significantly on child care expenses.

Already have a nanny you love?

A Nanny Share is a great way to keep the nanny you love while saving costs on child care.

Many families form Nanny Shares as they begin to require fewer hours from their nanny, but don’t want to part with the trusted nanny that they love.

Nanny Share Cost Estimate

*Cost estimate based on $18/hr at 40hrs/wk


Family Cost
(1 Family)

Nanny Share

Cost per family
(2 Families)

How It Works

Create a Profile
Create a Profile

Tell others about your family.

Connect & Hire
Connect & Hire

Connect with other families and together, hire a nanny to complete your nanny share.

Start Payroll
Start Payroll

We do all your nanny payroll and taxes for you.

Rainy day shenanigans!

Why Nanny Lane?

Designed for Nanny ShareDesigned for Nanny Share

Designed for Nanny Share

Nanny Lane is designed specifically to help you find a quality Nanny Share. There’s no better place to find a family to share your nanny with.

Support After A MatchSupport After A Match

Support After A Match

Once you find the perfect family, Nanny Lane has the expertise to help you get all the paperwork in order and handle Nanny Share payroll.

Experienced & TrustedExperienced & Trusted

Experienced & Trusted

Nanny Lane is a part of the CareGuide family, which has years of experience matching families with quality care providers.

Nanny Share Tax & Payroll

Nanny Tax & Payroll Filing
Nanny Tax & Payroll Filing

Precise payroll and tax calculations, filing all required documents at tax time, and direct remittance to IRS. Check, check, and check. It’s all taken care of.

Paystubs & Direct Deposit
Paystubs & Direct Deposit

Effortlessly split the cost of your nanny with direct deposit. Everyone in your Nanny Shares automatically receives pay stubs and receipts each period.

Multi-Family Payments
Multi-Family Payments

Nanny tax and payroll land is complicated, especially when two families are involved. Multi-family payments are calculated and handled with precision each pay period.

Nanny Lane manages all of your nanny taxes & payroll for only $80/mo.