The Allison Family
& The Vance Family

$8/hour  |  40 hours/week
start: Aug 30, 2019
6 - 11 mth old boy
Driver’s License
We are two families wanting to find a loving and compassionate nanny to care for our children (2 kids, both under 14 months). We want someone full time, M-F, 7:30-5. Hours may vary.

Allison Family: Mom and Dad are Jennifer and Brody Allison. We have a little boy named Zane who was born in late September 2018. He has such a personality and loves to be silly. He really loves our 2 pets, a cat and a dog. He also loves to play chase, read books, and talking to/about all kinds of things. He’s become a little chatterbox since he found his “voice”. He hasn’t begun to walk or say first words yet though.

Vance Family: Mom and Dad-Cory and Jasmine. We have a sweet currently 5 month old. She is a happy ball of energy with a voice to match. She loves to “talk” and is a very curious baby.