Part-Time Nanny Share Job with Buehne and Buehne Families with 4 Children

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11 year old girl
0 - 5 month old girl
A little bit about us…Looking for a Nanny to supplement Father and Mother's work from home schedule 1-2 days a week with the care of our toddler. Grandfather just retired so is helping some days a week- we need someone to supplement his schedule and care. We have 2 dogs and cat and practice infection control due to a medical condition, requiring someone willing to practice infection control. Our 12 year old is more a help than burden and doesn't need much more help than a drive to and from school and possibly homework assistance, but helps with our toddler and is a joy. You would be in the house with the parents the entire time and we often bounce upstairs to be with our toddler, take her for a walk, or just play with her.
Responsibilities include sanitizing bottles, some light housework (dishes, picking up toys, etc.), occasional light cooking, helping our toddler develop, watching mind numbing toddler TV with her, putting her down for naps and keeping her schedule, picking up/dropping off our 12 year old from school, and overall contributing to keeping a happy energy flowing through our household.
We offer overtime at time and a half if we ask you to stay late and provide you a lunch break.

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