The Babuji Family - Hiring in Fremont
Gul F - Nanny Share Member
The Babuji Family - Hiring in Fremont
Gul F - Nanny Share Member

The Babuji Family
& Nanny Gul F.

Start: TBD
1 yr old child
About us
We are a family of 3 in Fremont. My husband and I are fully vaccinated. My daughter(A) is 17mo. She is a very active and curious soul who loves to explore. She enjoys reading, caring for her plants, loves her outdoor walks, loves good music.
We are open to hosting since we have a large backyard, a spacious & well-ventilated playroom. The play spaces are inspired by the Montessori approach, promoting independent play.

About our Nanny
Ms. G is a very energetic and caring person. She is extremely patient and engages my daughter with activities like dancing, painting, reading books, taking her for a walk, gardening. She respects & accommodates our requests about caring for the baby. She is also fully vaccinated and can drive. (She also has glowing recommendations from her previous employers.). She currently helps us during the weekdays from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Our ideal Nanny-share
We are looking to nanny-share with another covid conscious family with a 17mo to 2 yo. We deliberately practice no screen time for our little one. Our play spaces & techniques are Montessori inspired to promote independence. We are looking for another family who shares similar values.