The Ford Family
& Nanny Erika P.

start: TBD
1 yr old girl
We are looking for a family to share a nanny with our one year old daughter. We prefer a family in or around the Nob Hill area, but we're open to consider other neighborhoods.

Our daughter is easy-going, happy and social and our nanny is fabulous. Not only is she professional, responsible and respectful, she is also engaging, loving and playful. She has 14 years of experience and has cared for 20 babies. She often offers very useful advice and recommendations, while respecting our roles as parents and not pushing her opinions on us. She is flexible and receptive when we make requests and is a great communicator. It's clear that she truly cares about our daughter's health and well-being. Our nanny loves to take our daughter out to local parks and allow her to explore and socialize with other kids. She fosters our daughter's development and growth by reading and singing to her everyday and playing stimulating games with her.

What makes me feel most at ease is how happy our daughter is when she sees our nanny; she just adores her. The two have developed a special bond since we started our nanny arrangement when our daughter was just four months old. My husband and I are extremely grateful for her and we hope to find a family to share her fantastic care. Please let me know if you are interested or have any leads. Thank you!

Nanny Shares near San Francisco

The Neuberg Family
& Rose Martin
Mission District, San Francisco$30/hr  |  1 kid
Amazing nanny + 20 month old toddler seeks family to join our nanny share! We live near Dolores Park and have nanny M-F roughly 9:30AM-5:30PM. More details:

We have an amazing nanny, Rose Martin, who we want to start a nanny family share with. Rose is loving, responsible, attentive, and fun! She's been working with us for more than a year with our 1 1/2 year old daughter, Cameron. We live right by Dolores Park, with several playgrounds within walking distance.

What we're looking for in another family for the nanny share:
* A single child for the nanny share close in age to Cameron (~1.5 to ~2 years old)
* Updated on vaccines and comfortable getting yearly flu shots, for the adults and child
* Interested in warm, respectful, and clear communication and a positive, communal connection between everyone, including the nanny and other family
* Having the same nap time for both children, to maximize the play & learning time they can have before and after the nap; Cameron's nap is currently between 12 and 3 PM -- we can move it slightly forward or backwards to accommodate another family
* Comfortable with outings by the nanny, by public transportation and eventually potentially our car
* Sharing hosting between our two houses
* A family that values benefits and a fair wage, seeing the nanny as an integral member of your family
* A family with a toddler able to fall asleep independently and in a shared room.

We currently employ Rose 35 hours a week; Rose is open to more hours then this if you need it for your child.

Shared hourly rate is $30 per hour (so for each family it would just be $15 an hour shared). We pay benefits, such as some sick leave, legal holidays, and vacation.