The Bass Family - Hiring in Oakton
Prieo M - Nanny Share Member
The Bass Family - Hiring in Oakton
Prieo M - Nanny Share Member

Full-Time Nanny Share with Nanny Prieo M.

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2 year old boy
A little bit about us…We are looking for another family to join our nanny share. Our current nanny share family is moving to Richmond at the end of July. We have a 20 month old boy and live in a large community in Oakton, VA (close to Flint Hill and Oak Marr). My husband and I both work from home and have converted our large basement into a dedicated space to host the nanny share.

Our nanny is the absolute best and we really want to keep her. She is always punctual, very engaging and incredibly hardworking; both kids light up when they see her each morning. We conducted a thorough background check on her when we first started the nanny share about a year ago (clean driving record as well). Our nanny takes early childhood education classes online in the evenings; she comes up with new fun educational activities for the children daily! Both of our toddlers have off-the-charts vocabulary for their age thanks to the individual attention our nanny provides.

Our toddler is at the age where he enjoys socialization so we’re hoping to find him another friend to maintain our current setup.

My husband and I are both fully vaccinated as well as our nanny. We all take COVID precautions very seriously; we’re looking for a family who does the same in return.

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