The Lauf Family - Hiring in San Francisco
Dani N. - Nanny Share Member
The Lauf Family - Hiring in San Francisco
Dani N. - Nanny Share Member

The Lauf Family
& Nanny Dani N.

Start: TBD
2 yr old girl
Hi! My husband and I are looking for a nanny share family. My husband and I have a wonderful nanny named Dani who has been doing a nanny-share with us and another family for over a year. Our partner family is moving away, and we are looking for a close-by family to share her with (as early as Aug 1). We have a 22-month-old daughter and live near 22 Street and South Van Ness. Dani also lives nearby. We are looking to split hosting. We would want to talk about how to safely join family quarantine "pods". If you're interested, or know someone in the Mission who might be, please send me a message! Thank you!!

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The McNally Family - Hiring in San Francisco
Ashling Pierce - Nanny Share Member
The McNally Family
& Ashling Pierce
San Francisco$32/hr  |  1 kid
Long-Time Nanny Share looking for a family to join our share care. We've worked with the same nanny with our first child for the last three years. She heads to preschool and we're expecting our second in mid October.

- Timing: November 2020, flexible on dates if needed
- Currently host in downtown Glen Park (corner of Diamond / Chenery)
- Open to sharing hosting if that's important

We are looking for a new family to join our share care nanny and our second child starting in November. If starting 2-4 weeks earlier or later is important, we are open to that.

We've been with Ashling since our first child was born 3.5 years ago. We interviewed countless people before deciding Ashling would provide a loving, supportive and experiential environment and we couldnt feel more happy, confident and grateful that we made the decision!

Ashling turns every day into an adventure with daily visits to Glen Park Canyon (and other parks!), Glen Park Library and explorations around the neighborhood. Otherwise, it could be a day trip to the zoo, the local museums and more. Or painting and making Playdoh, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk and reading, reading reading! Olive is potty trained thanks to Ashling, but it's not a requirement for our share care.

Most importantly, Ashling deeply cares for Olive and their relationship is truly beautiful.

About Us - Liz and Tyler have worked in the bay area since 2011 and have lived in Glen Park since 2016. We have strongly held, but not rigid values around creating a caring, meaningful high quality learning environment for our children - healthy, natural foods as much as possible, but an ice cream sandwich at the beach as a special surprise is nice too. Little to no screen time during the week, but we own TVs and sometimes Elmo is an OK distraction.