The Marianella Family
& Nanny Jennifer S.

start: TBD
0 - 5 mth old boy
We're seeking a family to do a share with our nanny at our home in the East Village. Our (Spanish/English) speaking wonderful nanny has been with us for several years. She's done a nanny share up until my now 3 yr old toddler started attending preschool with another family at our home. (they are available for reference) We're looking for a share starting as soon as possible with our infant (born July 2019) at our apt. Please feel free to reach out if there is any interest! More details as follows:

Rate: $10 per family per hour. Rate listed on this site is $16 p/h for single child.

Days: M-F (flexible)
Hrs: 8am-6pm (flexible), for instance if you need to come later/want to go out for date night totally fine. Our last share we had nanny stay late every Thurs. so that we could reserve that as a night we know we can be out for dinner. I am very open to having hours run later as well. 8am is earliest she can start as she drops her two sons at school.

Baby Food: Nanny worked for many years in restaurants, true passion for cooking so cooks diverse, organic baby foods & full meals. Toddler now eats everything which is great. Share Fam can contribute to baby food costs or bring their own.

Language: Spanish, US-born Ecuadorian nanny speaks Spanish to our children and 3 yr. old completely fluent now. She also speaks English fluently if this is a preference.

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