The Rubbo Family - Hiring in Arvada
Kaci Adams - Nanny Share Member
The Rubbo Family - Hiring in Arvada
Kaci Adams - Nanny Share Member

The Rubbo Family
& Nanny Kaci A.

start: TBD
6 - 11 mth old boy
Hello! We are in search of a family to share our nanny who we currently use for 40 hours a week. We have a ten-month-old boy who she is currently watching exclusively and we’d like to add one other child. Our nanny worked at a daycare for four years taking care of five children at a time, ages 1-12 months. She is CPR certified and has some education in early childhood development. We have conducted a background check on her with zero issues. She has a wonderful relationship with our son and provides many helpful suggestions. She has been employed with us now for 7 months.

Our son is on a nap schedule from [phone number hidden]
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and we would ideally like to find someone who would be comfortable with having their child on the same schedule. Our nanny does snacks/meals 3-4 times a day, they typically take a walk or go to the park (we back to a park), she does some learning activities, crafts, and there is lots of play.

We’d like to find someone who could utilize a nanny share anywhere from 25-40 hours a week at $14/hour starting anytime in the next few weeks. She currently works M-F, 8-5, but we would be open to changing the hours if needed. I also work from home (mother) and am present about 80% of the time. Our nanny takes a one-hour lunch break everyday around 12 at which time I take over. We think this situation will be convenient as I can cover if there is a day where someone is late for pickup. Please reach out to us if you think this could be a good fit!