The Tidd Family - Hiring in Alexandria
Michelle McDonald - Nanny Share Member
The Tidd Family - Hiring in Alexandria
Michelle McDonald - Nanny Share Member

The Tidd Family
& Nanny Michelle M.

Start: TBD
6 - 11 mth old boy
Hello! We have the space, we have the nanny, and we are looking for another adorable kiddo to be part of our share! The family we currently share our nanny with no longer requires care thanks to a really great flexible job so we are hoping to find another family to join our Del Ray share with availability to start in mid-November.

Our nanny has many years of experience and has downright glowing reviews from her previous employers (and us!). Both children in our share get so excited to see her in the morning and show her genuine affection. She baby wears around the house, teaches baby sign language, is CPR certified, is extremely receptive to parent requests and feedback, and is always up for taking the kids out into the neighborhood for walks and playtime. No matter how stressful caring for two infants must be, she is never anything other than composed and pleasant.

A little bit about us – we currently live in Del Ray with our first child, an eight month old boy. Although we are first-time parents, we aim to be as chill, low drama, and go-with-the-flow as one can be while taking care of a small human who tends to not sleep very much. We have loved hosting the share at our home and are happy to continue to do so for the future share partnership. We have felt so lucky having our son cared for by our nanny and hope to find another child soon who will benefit from her care and experience.

Please let me know what questions you have or if you would like more information. We hope to meet you soon!

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