The Torchon Family
& Nanny Edith P.

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1 yr old girl
Hello, I'm an educator who works contracts from home; as well as a Captain in the US military (reservist). I have an amazing nanny who comes to my home to watch my daughter while I work and I'm open/ looking to nanny sharing because (1) as it helps my nanny with additional income to support her family, (2) along with allowing my daughter to have friends to play with.

I LOVE my nanny because she loves children and cares for my daughter with absolute tender care, plus my daughter is learning a second language. Additionally,
I also cherish that our nanny instills our Christian beliefs and does old school noon prayers & praise. Therefore my daughter's new word (after the standard momma, dada) has been " Amen"- and my heart is happy to hear her pray & praise (she's working on hallelujah but that is harder for a 1yr). My nanny is even more patient then myself & hubby with feeding and will cook two meals just to make sure my daughter eats. Those little things were important to me and why I chose to pay a bit extra for a nanny than send my child to daycare (not to down those who do because there are so many awesome daycares & multi benifits to them-- I just had options so I chose this one).

If you're interested in nanny share let me know.