The Zaw Myint Family - Hiring in Washington
Dinke Desta - Nanny Share Member
The Zaw Myint Family - Hiring in Washington
Dinke Desta - Nanny Share Member

The Zaw Myint Family
& Nanny Dinke D.

Start: TBD
0 - 5 mth old boy
We already have a nanny that we have chosen and are just looking for family in the brookland/NE area starting end of October. Our son will be about 5 months and preference for other family to have baby around that same age but are open. We are open to sharing hosting duties. We are flexible on starting date being later a month or two for the 2nd family. We are looking for full time mon- fri from 8-5:30 give or take 30 min. Let me know if this is something you're interested in and happy to give you more information.

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The Campbell Family - Hiring in Washington
Debora Noguera - Nanny Share Member
The Campbell Family
& Debora Noguera
Northwest Washington, Washington$25/hr  |  1 kid
Hello all!

My wife, daughter Dylan (2 years old), and I are looking for a family to join our nanny share in the Chevy Chase/Barnaby Woods area. We started our nanny share 20 months ago when our daughter was 4 months old with our past nanny share family and it was wonderful. The kids were six weeks apart and our Nanny, Debora, is really good with and for them. She taught them sign language and how to mind their manners and they go to the park every day at Lafayette and have made a lot of friends there (future classmates as we will be sending out little one to Lafayette when she is old enough). Unfortunately, our nanny share family is now sending their little one to daycare with his big brother, so we are looking to find another share family to join ours!

Our Nanny, Debora, is fully vaccinated and has been working as a babysitter/nanny full time for the past 9 years and she loves what she does! She loves watching the kids grow and develop their personalities and skills - she would say that is the best part of her job. She is extremely loving, safety conscious, interactive, and communicative. She is constantly engaging with the children and has positively contributed to their emotional, social, and intellectual development.

We live in Barnaby Woods near 31st and Utah and Dylan will be 2 around the time we are looking for a new family. We would ideally like to find a family that lives nearby to cut down on commuting with a child close in age so the kids can do similar activities. Our current share hours are 8:00 am - 6:00 pm M-F, but we can potentially be flexible with the times. We are also flexible with who is hosting. We are hoping to start the new share in as soon as possible. Please reach out to my wife, Claire, directly if you are interested, and she can provide more details! Her email is [email hidden]
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