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We manage payments, taxes, and all other paperwork for a flat $40/month.

How It Works

1. Set It and Forget It1. Set It and Forget It

1. Set It and Forget It

You have better things to do. We help you set up your nanny‘s payroll with all the proper legal documentation.

2. Stay In the Loop2. Stay In the Loop

2. Stay In the Loop

Get emails before pay stubs go out. We‘ll update any last minute fluctuations you may have, quickly and accurately.

3. Full Service Support3. Full Service Support

3. Full Service Support

Our trusted payroll experts are here to make your life easy. Ask us anything, we‘re happy to help.

What’s Included

Nanny Tax & Payroll Filing
Nanny Tax & Payroll Filing

Precise payroll and tax calculations, filing all required documents at tax time.

Paystubs & Direct Deposit
Paystubs & Direct Deposit

You and your nanny automatically receive pay stubs and receipts each pay period.

Multi-Family Payments
Multi-Family Payments

Payroll is complicated, especially when two families are involved. We handle all payroll for nanny share families.

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