Nanny Payroll Service

We make payroll processing, withholdings and nanny tax filing easy

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$60/month. No set up fees.
No additional tax filing fees.

Full service payroll

We take care of…

Registering you as a household employer, allowing you to legally pay your household employee
Completing Federal and State tax filings: monthly (income tax, medicare, social security taxes) and quarterly (unemployment taxes)
Producing and submitting year-end documents (W2, W3)

Each pay cycle, we…

Transfer payments by direct deposit on your chosen pay cycle
Send pay stubs and receipts for you and your nanny
Calculate Federal and State tax deductions on pay stubs
Provide support with your dedicated nanny payroll representative

Nanny payroll services for multiple families

Payroll is complicated, especially when two families are involved. We handle payroll for nanny share families.
Learn more about nanny share payroll

Why pay legally

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

Help your nanny establish an employment history, so they can receive Social Security income, Medicare, and unemployment benefits. It also enables them to qualify for loans for a car, a mortgage, or school. Empower them to create a life they love.
Protect your family & nanny

Protect your family & nanny

Avoid risking the penalties of IRS audits, and labor law violations. Take care of the person caring for your children, and do the right thing.
Tax breaks

Tax breaks

Nanny taxes won’t cost you nearly as much as you think. Child care tax breaks can save you around $2,000 per year, offsetting most of your tax liability.

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