Nanny Background Check Service

Childcare is a serious business. Ensure your kids are in good hands with our nanny background check service.

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How to do a background check on a nanny

Request a background check
Once you’ve made an offer, you can request a background check on your nanny. They’ll get notified via email.
Nanny provides their details
Your nanny will provide us their details, so that we can process the background check.
Get results
Most of our background checks are completed within a day of the nanny providing their information.

Keep your family safe with many different screenings

SSN trace
Sex offender database
Global watchlist
National criminal database
Statewide criminal database
County criminal database

The two ways to run a nanny background check

Run a background check
Your nanny provides their information and you’ll get the results once the background check is complete.
Finalize hiring your nanny with PLUS for
From background checks to handling payments and taxes, we’re here at every step of the way

Complete your nanny hiring with these additional services

From background checks to handling payments, we’ve got services you can access whenever you need them.
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What thousands of parents love about our nanny background checks

Focus on your family’s safety
Be sure your family receives the care they need by someone you can trust.
Quick turn-around time
Most background checks are completed within 15 minutes.
Peace of mind
Enjoy the peace of mind in your decision to hire a nanny for a small cost.

Frequently asked questions about background checks

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Are background checks offered in all states?
Yes, we offer background checks for all states!
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How long does it take to get results?
Most background check results arrive the same day that the nanny provides their information.
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What is included in our background check?
We perform up to six different screenings: SSN trace, Global watchlist, sex offender databases, National & Statewide & County criminal databases.
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How will I be updated on the status of the background check?
We’ll email you once the nanny accepts the background check, provides their information, and as it is processed.
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What if the nanny doesn’t fill in their info?
You’ll only be charged once the background check is completed. If you’re a PLUS member, background checks are unlimited.
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How do I get access to the report?
We’ll send you an email with the results of background check. For security reasons, we only send the detailed background check report to nannies.

Make sure your kids are in good hands with a background check

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