Michael S. - Seeking Work in Portland
Michael S. - Seeking Work in Portland

Full-Time Nanny Available in Portland, OR: Michael S.

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A little bit about me…STILL LOOKING

My last family can provide a referral upon request!).

Hello there! ☺️ My name is Mike and I have been a nanny for 3 years and i have worked with various ages ranging from newborn to toddlers, But have primarily worked with multiples ( newborn/ infant and toddler). I’m currently taking classes to become a certified newborn and infant care specialist) ( in order to work with newborns and infants you do not need to be certified, however i want to as it will help me in my career. Long term goal is to become a nicu nurse as i love working with newborns and infants. ( note: i would need my hours tracked (pre requisite ). As of right now I’m currently looking to find a nanny position!

To learn more about my professional nanny experience send me a message and i would be happy to go over details highlighting my professional nanny experience!

I look forward to connecting!



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Mar 2022

Mike is incredible! From the moment we met Mike, it was easy to see how knowledgeable and skilled he is. He did a wonderful job with our daughter — provided us regular updates, a thorough recap at the end of the day, and great advice when we asked for it (he’s truly an expert!). He’s the kind of child care provider I wish I had as a kid. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

*Contact information available upon request

Jun 2021 – Sep 2021
Christina Reszka

Michael helped watch our 1 year old twins on evenings and weekends as needed. He is well trained, great with kids, and very focused on their development. He loves bringing them for walks and doing things outdoors which we really appreciated. We are very picky about our childcare providers as twins are not easy, but Michael had prior experience with multiples which gave us a lot of comfort.

*Does not wish to be contacted for reference calls

Mar 2021 – Feb 2022

When Mike started with us, our son was 6 months old and we were struggling to get him on a good nap routine. He would refuse to nap in the afternoon unless held, and he would cry endlessly when we tried to have him nap in his crib. This would result in him being tired all day, and refusing to eat. Mike helped us with a gameplan to transition him to napping in his crib and within a few weeks he had adopted a much healthier and more consistent nap routine. Mike also played a significant role in helping our son with developmental milestones such as standing and walking. He has always been a high-energy child, and Mike channeled that energy into developing his motor skills quickly. He encouraged our son's development by taking him out to the local kids gym or the playground every day, rain or shine. As a result, he quickly became confident in walking, climbing playground and gym structures, running, and going up and down stairs.

*Contact information available upon request

Oct 2019 – Nov 2019

He was very respectful of my wishes with the children and they enjoyed when he was watching them. He is extremely good with babies! We enjoyed our time with him very much

*Does not wish to be contacted for reference calls

Mar 2022

Mike was very attentive to our 10 month old son’s needs and mood, understands and implements developmental milestones into the activities of the day, and is incredibly helpful around the house where time allows.

*Contact information available upon request

Mar 2022

Mike has been watching our two girls occasionally and is absolutely great. He takes them outside for walks sometimes multiple times a day. He is so loving with our baby and I know when he's there I never have to worry. We have been so thankful for him! I highly recommend him!

*Contact information available upon request

Driver’s License
First Aid
Fluent Languages
More About Me
Relevant experience where I also cared for children were…See resume for experience
Activities I enjoy doing with children…Montessori based play!
The most important part about being a nanny…See resume for more information
My experience with special needs children…See resume for additional details!
My favorite nanny moment…See resume thank you
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Alexis R. - Seeking Work in Portland

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Portland, OR: Alexis R.

Hello! I’m an artist living in Portland. I am currently in school studying Somatics at the Contemporary Alexander School, which has among many things been a gentle reminder of how I can be more radically present in my life. I’m working towards being community oriented everyday. Nature is a huge inspiration for me, it invites so much exploration into my world. My long term goal in studying is to eventually work with people of all ages. Children especially! That being said, I’ve had a huge desire to expand my knowledge around communicating and crafting supportive and safe dynamics, all while maintaining a sense of playfulness. My approach to caring for children includes much of that. Listening, compassion and curiosity. I enjoy exploring creative ways to form activities. I’m passionate about finding ways to support children in leaning into their imagination and creating a learning environment. Looking forward to connecting!
Kelly M. - Seeking Work in Portland

Full-Time Babysitter Available in Portland, OR: Kelly M.

Hello! My name is Kelly I worked as a full-time special education teacher and have over 5 years of experience teaching and over 10 years of experience working with people with disabilities. I have experience with individuals ages 2-30 in a range of different needs. I consider myself responsible, professional, creative, and fun! I love to engage with individuals in different ways and settings to truly make sure we all have a great time. I just moved to the Portland area in July and am looking to leave the classroom and work in a home setting. Please let me know if you are interested in finding out more! Thank you!
Aubree A. - Seeking Work in Portland

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Portland, OR: Aubree A.

Hi! I’m Aubree! I would describe myself as a compassionate, loving, go with the flow kind of person who adores children, yet can be firm at times if required. I grew up in an in-home daycare setting where I began working with children, and over the past 3 years I’ve been a private nanny/sitter for some a super sweet family where I was able to develop a bunch of new skills. I have experience with ages ranging from newborn-8years years old. I enjoy playing outside, arts and crafts, reading and creative play and I truly believe the children should have an amazing memorable experience while being looked after, I look forward to meeting you and your little ones!
Isabel d. - Seeking Work in Portland

Part-Time Nanny Available in Portland, OR: Isabel d.

Hi! My name is Isabel and I am an undergraduate student at Linfield University studying Nursing. I am interested in health, coffee, and traveling. I love to explore nature and adventure and I am always open to whatever life throws my way. My nursing dream is to work in pediatrics and/or with special needs kids. I am type 1 diabetic and have 2 animals at home, a dog and a cat. I. love to cook and do not mind cleaning since I am somewhat of a clean freak! My ideal family to work for would understand the demand of nursing school and would work with me around my school schedule. I am fully vaccinated and hope that whoever I work for is also vaccinated. LGBTQ pride is always a plus :)
Grace S. - Seeking Work in Portland

Part-Time Nanny Available in Portland, OR: Grace S.

Ha N. - Seeking Work in Portland

Full-Time Child Care Provider Available in Portland, OR: Ha N.

I am 23 years old
I like to play, help homework and creative for learning with kids
I have a little brother and I was taking care of him since he was 5 years old.
Bash H. - Seeking Work in Portland

Full-Time Nanny Available in Portland, OR: Bash H.

Hello my name is Bash (they/them), I’m a 31yr old bilingual preschool teacher. I’ve been working with children since 2014 in different capacities: nanny, babysitter, preschool teacher (Spanish), and after school k-5 teacher. In all the years of working with children, something that I’ve enjoyed the most is being able to help with and see children’s social emotional growth, while also being able to learn and grow alongside them. I’m currently looking to make the move into becoming a full time nanny/language tutor as I prefer being able to build strong and lasting relationships with the children/families I’m working with.

I am fully vaccinated (covid booster as well!) and I’m looking for families that are equally covid cautious.
Hazuki B. - Seeking Work in Portland

Part-Time Babysitter Available in Portland, OR: Hazuki B.

Lisa S. - Seeking Work in Portland

Full-Time Nanny Available in Portland, OR: Lisa S.

I have E.C.E in Early Childhood Education. I worked in centers for 10 years. I did all jobs from cooking, cleaning, teachers to director. When my son was born I left to start my own in home daycare I ran my own in home daycare for 12 years. I have worked with infant to young adults. In my daycare we had special needs children and adults. I have given medication and worked with those who need shots. I have with those on special diets. I have worked children on IEP's and behaviors plans. I have many hours of on going Education training. I have been a foster parents to two special needs children. For 17 years. I have worked as a PSW work to a young man with William Syndrome. I enjoy cooking playing games and doing arts and crafts with children. I love going for walks and reading.

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